Friday Favorite: New Booties Obsession – Arcopedico Shoe Style Review

In honor of bringing back Friday Favorites, I’m excited about sharing with. you a new favorite of mine. Today is all about Booties! Seriously, can you ever own enough?

I certainly can’t – And I’ve got a closet to prove it.

Speaking of full closets…With a move to the Pennsylvania ‘burbs *fingers crossed* on the horizon, I’ve been spending every spare moment going through everything in our home. Closets, basements, toy bins. Everything. And when I think I’ve finished, I just prepare myself to start again.

I’ve been really enjoying the KonMari method I shared with you a few posts back. It has changed my mindset on what to keep and what to donate or consign, which has been super helpful. It’s also helped me really see what I have too much of along with any ‘gaps’ in my wardrobe. I’m focusing on more minimalism in my closet and I’ve recently been really loving black – something I’ve never been a fan of before – and something that until recently was really lacking in my wardrobe.

Which brings me full circle to today’s Friday Favorite – Black Boots.

It took a while to get there, but we got there, thanks for hanging with me!

Top / Jeggings / Booties / Head Wrap

So yes, I don’t know where it’s been all my life – I’ve been all about the colors and patterns and trends up until now. But I’m currently loving everything black and I want my entire wardrobe to reflect that.

Dark, right? Ha.

And with paring down my wardrobe, anything I bring into my closet, I want to be quality – something that will last, be comfortable and keep me feeling good. So it was perfect timing when I realized the “black booties” hole in my closet – because right then I got an email from my new friends at Arcopedico with a chance to try out their new line!

I love it when karma works like that!

So I love learning about new brands + companies, which is why I wanted to share these with you today – because I had never heard of them before and I am so glad I did because, let me tell you – they are AMAZING!

Arcopedico has been around for over 50 YEARS! So you know they aren’t messing around. The shoes have been HANDMADE in Portugal since 1966!

The Arcopedico website is full of ton of amazing options for all seasons, but I went with L8: The L8 is a comfortable and versatile bootie that will transition seamlessly between seasons. The outsole has a built-in arch support for all day comfort.

Let me tell you – these are Extremely comfortable, these booties are made to be worn for hours on end (which makes them perfect for travel or those who are on their feet all day). They also provide excellent support and have side zippers for ease of taking the shoes on and off.

Even better?

They weigh less than a pound, the majority of which are vegan, washable and crushable.

Yes, you read that right – Vegan, Washable AND Crushable.

They are so soft and lightweight. They make me feel like I am walking on a cloud and I LOVE the side zip – so easy to put on and take off.

I went with the black/dark grey color – they have a bit of a pattern on them you can see when they are close up and it’s so pretty. I’ve been wearing them nonstop – with no end in sight!

I hope you enjoyed my little review – I love reading other blogs and hearing from influencers of new brands and companies they are working with – and Arcopedico is definitely one you should check out!

Now I’d love to hear from you – have you heard of this brand before?? And if not, tell me your favorite booties you are currently loving!!! Please share!

A huge Thanks to Arcopedico  for my new shoes. All opinions are my own.

Sharing our Homemade + Store Bought Valentine’s Along with Our Valentine’s Day Basket Tradition

Hello + Happy Love Day!

Today I wanted to share a look inside our Valentine’s Day – what the boys made for their friends at school, grandparents, me {see below – swoon!} and a look at their Valentine’s Baskets I put together for them. I shared them last night on Insta Stories and I had such a nice response, I wanted to put them up on the blog for anyone to check out, whenever!

But first, the Valentine love for mama. Sweet homemade cards my boys made at school are the best. These were totally fridge-worthy!

The made some homemade gifts for the grandparents, more on that a few photos down – but I wanted to share what they picked out for their school valentines.

How sweet are these little sets?! I got them in the Target Dollar Spot – each was $3 – so $6 total for both, which I thought was a great deal. Graham picked out the finger skateboards and Brooks wanted to give out the bouncy balls!

We organized them together and each of them picked out who in their class would get what color.

I thought they were super fun and totally different. The only downside was that the packing for the actual cards was so small, there wasn’t much room for the boys to write their friends names, so I helped with that.

But other than that I really liked them, and think the other kids did too! If you see these at Target next year, make sure to scoop them up early!

Next up – the gifts for the grandparents. For this the boys put together one of their valentines arts + crafts and Brooks wrote out a card they both decorated. Easy peasy.

But my favorite part that I wanted to share was the XOXO picture.

Seriously, how cute is this frame?

Under $4 and really perfect for any occasion from the kiddos! The boys painted it and then we put in a photo of each of them and I think it turned out really nice. I sort of wish I got one for myself!

Next up, Valentine’s Day Baskets!

Do you do gifts or treats or something else for Valentine’s Day with the kiddos? I got all sorts of responses from everyone on my Insta Stories! There’s so many ways to make Valentine’s Day special for the kids. My mom always put together something like this for my brother and I when we were little, so its important for me to continue the tradition.

Basically everything is from the Target Dollar Spot {which is apparently where I live} I spent under $20 for each of the boys and the basket turned out really nice – the basket itself is also from the Dollar Spot and I plan to use it to store towels in the bathroom afterwards! Ha!

A few of their favorite treats and then all of these items are fun little activities they can do anytime. We are still in the TV/Screen Time Detox – and all of these are great things to do and play with for my boys!

I also had to get a few books for them, Brooks loves to read and I love that he loves to do so – got to keep encouraging that! Here’s what we got:

Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed / Even More Parts / Get the Giggles

So that’s how we celebrated our Valentine’s Day! Oh, and I snuck away during preschool hours for a fun + festive little brunch with a friend. Mimosas + Huevos Rancheros. Basically winning at Valentine’s Day!

Off to enjoy the rest of the evening with the family + my Valentine of 14 years! I hope you had a great day and I’d love to know how you celebrated and made it a special day! Please share!!

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Arts & Crafts for Kids- Invitations to Play, Good Morning Games and #BreakfastInvitations

The Valentine’s Inspired Arts & Crafts are currently going strong in our house, so I thought it would be fun to put together a little post, compiling everything we’ve been working on to share on the blog!

Most mornings I’ve been putting together “Breakfast Invitations” or “Good Morning Games” – basically an invitation to play first thing in the morning, thats not the television, to buy me a little time to get things organized and maybe enjoy my morning coffee in peace #dreams

I was inspired to create some of these by a few IG accounts I’ve been loving lately. And each night I’ve been sharing what’s the plan for the next morning in my Instagram Stories – so follow along if you want to see or what any inspiration for your own morning activities @herlittledogtoo – I’d love to see anything you are working on yourself!!

First up are these super fun Heart Trees.

Super simple – I cut out some hearts, did a makeshift tree, put some glue sticks on the table and it was all set. And the kids LOVED doing some glue sticking first thing in the morning. This was a big win – and you can cater it to any season or holiday!

Totally fridge worthy! I love it!

Next up I wanted the boys to work on matching their upper and lower case letters – a mini puzzle of sorts. So another day I created a little broken heart game for them.

Just cut out 26 hearts, write the upper + lower case letters, slice down the middle and you are done.

My 5 year old knows his letters and can read, but my 3 year old is obviously still working on it. This was something they were able to do together, which was great! And a few letters look similar ” I and H” “X and T” depending on if they are upper or lower case, so this was fun to watch them work out.

Another activity we did was organizing biggest to smallest. I color coded for fun, but anything really goes. First they matched up the hearts without the glue, to make the activity last a little longer.

Once they get it all organized add in a glue stick and let the kiddos go to town. Next time I do this I might add in the names of the colors or numbers to organize. Came out cute and it turned into a sweet little valentine!

So then I had all these leftover papers with hearts cut out and I felt bad tossing them! They were too pretty! So I put a white piece of paper under each of them, glued it down and created a little heart coloring activity for another morning!

Both boys came downstairs and immediately wined about the coloring being too boring for them to do – but then they sat quietly for 25 minutes coloring the hearts! I win! Super easy and cute!

Another fun one – since my kiddos love to paint – was sponge hearts! I got an old sponge, cut it in the shape of a heart, put out some paint and let them go to worn.

Simple, quick to throw together and it turned out really cute.

This one wasn’t a breakfast invitation, but it’s worth putting in this post because it was a V-Day arts and craft activity we did this month – if you are super crafty, maybe this is something you can put together on your own! If so – go you!!

This was from this month’s Home Depot Kids Workshop – if you aren’t going to these every month, you are missing out! The boys made wooden candy heart boxes.

They came out super sweet and I love them.

And another FREE kids activity I recently stumbled upon – Did you know Lakeshore Learning has in store arts and crafts EVERY Saturday from 11-3. Just roll up, go in, do the craft and enjoy!

It’s every Saturday and it’s a great way to pop in and do something different and fun – and its completely free! This was our second time going and it was super cool – the boys made Valentine Mobiles.

I also follow Lakeshore Learning on IG and this week they posted some fun printable for Valentine’s Day color patterning – which was super easy to use for a good morning game! We used our favorite V-Day candy and it was a hit!

Here’s the printable if you want something quick and easy to do this week!

And last but not least, if you aren’t crafty or don’t have supplies – AC Moore or Michaels are always great for some easy activity sheets – like these! My mom picked these up for the boys – 30 sheets for $1. Win.

They can color, connect the dots, word search. Easy peasy!

So that’s what we’ve been working on this week. If you’ve been doing any fun Valentine’s Day inspired arts & crafts – I’d love to hear about it! Please share in the comments, send me a message or tag me on social media! Thanks for following along + have a great day!!

A Winter Getaway to Kalahari Indoor Waterpark Resort – Poconos, PA with two Kids 5 and under!

For Brooks’ 5th Birthday this year, we gave him a choice – a few days away with the family or a party. He picked a family getaway and I’m not mad about it.

Literally the cost of our 3 days/2 nights away was cheaper than a party, WAY less stress and WAY more fun! Serious wins all around – it was the best way to celebrate my little man {who’s not so little anymore} turn the BIG 5!

Can’t believe it’s been 5 years – For a visit down memory lane, check out Brooks’ Birth Story Part 1 and Part 2! Spoiler Alert -> 25 hours of labor including 3 hours of pushing – Yay!

We have been to Kalahari once before – when Brooks was 3 and Graham 1.5. That was before my GoPro/YouTube days – but I did heavily document our time there. Because the boys were younger, we spent most of our time in the toddler area and on the little kid slides. You can check out those posts here if you want to see what Kalahari is like for younger kiddos – A Weekend at Kalahari – Day 1 and Day 2!

This time – we were able to step if up a notch in the slide + waterpark arena and it was like a a whole different trip!

For a look at all our fun on the trip + if you want to join us on the slides, check out this video! And be sure to like, comment and subscribe!!

Since we weren’t doing a party for Brooks, and turning 5 is pretty special, I wanted to make sure we were able to start the birthday celebration on his actual birthday. The boys had school on Tuesday morning, January 29th and while they were at school I packed all the bags, got everything ready to go, picked them up and then off to the Poconos we went!

And because we were there Tuesday, Wednesday + Thursday {thanks to an incredible buy one night, get one FREE deal} it was mid-week and we had the place to ourselves. Hallelujah!

Kalahari is amazing because its so big and the waterpark alone has so much to do. The last time we were here we spent our days in a completely different area of the park. This time we upgraded to the Splash Down Safari area which has 5 slides that were super fun for our 3 + 5 year olds to conquer.

And that’s just what they did.

We spent about 75% of our time in the slide area. But if you are thinking these are the only slides Kalahari has- don’t fool yourself – there are TONS more that are great for older kids, teens, adults! Anyone brave enough!

Charles did a few of them while the boys and I were in the lazy river and he had a blast. There was only 1, maybe 2 that the boys were both tall enough to ride, so we figured stay where everyone is already happy and save the big kid slides for our next visit.

Which brings me to where we spent the other large majority of our time aside from the slides – the Lazy River !

The boys loved cruising the lazy river and searching for water falls to go under. There are two separate lazy rivers inside the waterpark that go through two different sides of the park. Both are fun!

And if we weren’t on the slides or in the lazy river – we were most definitely in the Wave Pool. The boys LOVED their time there, as you can see in the video. Who DOESN’T love a good wave pool?

To the left of the Wave Pool was a magical area known as the Grotto – which I don’t think many people knew about because it was tucked away or wanted to be in because it was a non guarded hot tub that was indoor/outdoor. The outdoor section was closed off because it was -9* when we were there, but the gate from the water still let in some of the cold air from outside and it felt incredible. Also the steam was all sorts of beautiful. Each day we did some hot tub time as our end of the day activity before heading out of the waterpark. I highly recommend!

I also recommend a cocktail mid-day to take the waterpark edge off! Can’t go wrong with a margarita poolside – ever!

Another waterpark recommendation for all the mamas out there would be a good, solid {full coverage} swim suit! I’ve worn this one for all our waterpark adventures for years and it’s never let me down {or let anything slip!}

When we weren’t at the waterpark we were found enjoying the amazing food, drink + restaurants at Kalahari. It’s not typical park food – its delicious with great options for any cuisine you are craving – My favorite is Double Cut, the Steakhouse. But the Italian restaurant we went to on this trip was really good too!

Also, if you go make sure you spend some time enjoying the decor + ambiance. Grab a coffee, go for a walk and take in the art – Kalahari does a incredible job sourcing most of their decor from Africa, providing jobs and funding local artists. I talked more about it on our first visit in this post – but its still just as beautiful two years later!

Three days was the perfect amount of time – we got there Tuesday afternoon and left Thursday afternoon – we got 3 days with tons of hours in the waterpark, enjoyed some great meals, spent some time in the arcade – it was basically everything a 5 year old {with a 3 year old little brother in tow} could ask for. Including pizza and ice cream for breakfast!

We had an absolute blast and I must say, I do miss waking up in the morning and coming downstairs to this view!

If you are looking for something fun to do this winter, be sure to check out Kalahari. We’ve been to other waterparks in the area and I can say without any hesitation this one is the BEST! And this isn’t sponsored in any way – we came here last time on a media trip, but this time it was at the request of our birthday boy – we were more than happy to oblige!

Thanks for following along on this looooong post – but we had so much fun and took a ton of photos, I had to include them! But now I’d love to hear from you – are you more into birthday parties or birthday trips/activities? What have you done in the past?! Please share!

And if you’ve been to Kalahari before – I’d love to know what you thought about your trip, and which waterslide was your favorite!!

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