Video: An Iceland Road Trip from Reykjavík to Vík : Kerið Crator, Gullfoss, Seljandsfoss and Skogafoss Waterfalls, Geysir + Strokkur, Solheimajokull Glacier and more!

Hello! How are ya? Today I wanted to pop on because I have so much to share from our recent Iceland trip, I just had to get another video together for you. I know so many people have their eyes on Iceland for possible upcoming trips, so I want to share as much as I can about our incredible visit to this beautiful country.

After sharing our Day 1 in Iceland – which features our visit to The Blue Lagoon, Brimketill Lava Rock Pools, Gunnuhuver Geothermal area, Reykjanes Peninsula Edge + The Bridge Between Two Continents {yes, we did that all in one day} we spent a few days enjoying the main city + capital of Iceland, Reykjavik.

We had our sights set on the Golden Circle – there is so much to see and do along this famous route and we knew we wanted to make our way towards the other side of the country as well. We followed a similar itinerary from a family member who had been recently and couldn’t have been more pleased with how our road trip turned out!

We woke up before the sun in Reykjavik and had our sights set on Vik. This is normally a 2.5 hour drive or so – but we managed to turn it into a 11+ hour day with 10 stops along the way. I only documented 7 of them in the video, so you get a few extra in this blog post, if you are planning a similar trip!

Heres a look at the video of our Road Trip Day. Check it out and let me know what you think:

As you can see from the video, we saw A TON and really took our time making our way to Vik. In this post, I wanted to give a little more color of all the things we got to see!

Our first stop – Ingólfsfjall – happened sort of by accident. It’s a bit of a pit stop on the side of the road, but after driving our of Reykjavik we were coming out of a ton of fog and rain. Once everything lifted we pulled over and got to see the start of the sunrise. It was a really nice little surprise and a beautiful way to start the day.

We were chasing the sunrise as we approached stop #2 – Kerið Crator. This was not far from our first stop but a beautiful little gem to enjoy along the way. The water was SO blue and it was incredible to see as the sun was coming up over the horizon.

It was really interesting to see the caldera, which is composed of a red (rather than black) volcanic rock. It is also one of the most recognizable volcanic craters in the area at approximately 3,000 years old.

Onto Stop #3 – a visit to Geysir + Strokkur geyser!

Geysir is the one all the other geysers are named after. It’s highest eruption was 400 ft – and is the second highest erupting geyser in history. 
Strokkur geyser {the one erupting in my pictures} is the most active geyser in Iceland and erupts naturally every 4-10 minutes, it can erupt up to 40 ft! The hot spring area here was super active – so much fun to see!

Check out this video on my IG account to see Strokkur in action! She was a beauty to see and it was so cool to see her go off so consistantly- I didn’t want to leave!

Stop #4 and Waterfall #1 of the day – Gullfoss – it’s one of the top 10 waterfalls in the world and one of the 3 main landmarks of the Golden Circle. This waterfall was a beast – so powerful! And the two cascading points made it even more fun to enjoy the spray.

This area of the waterfall was MASSIVE. It covered so much ground and we got to see the waterfalls from so many angles – including pretty up close and personal. Definitely a must see along the Golden Circle!

Stop #5 – Lunch at Fridheimar Greenhouse! This was such an incredible experience – lunch in a greenhouse was one of the coolest things ever! Here they grow four kinds of tomatoes and cucumbers – they are one of the largest supplier of tomatoes in Iceland.

The meal was out of this world – my favorite, the tomato soup was to die for – complete with cut your own basil, sour cream and the worlds most insane bread. We had a fantastic lunch. I know I’ll be dreaming about this one for a while.

Definitely worth the trip if you are in the area, but you have to make reservations if you want to eat here, so be sure to plan ahead. And if you go, bring me back some of that tomato soup, because it was complete heaven.

Another quick one – Stop #6 –  The Secret Lagoon!

There’s absolutely no comparing the Blue + Secret Lagoons, they are so completely different and both so wonderful. Much smaller, but secluded and in the middle of nowhere, the Secret Lagoon is a serious gem.  

If you can spare an hour or so on your travels, this is most definitely worth it!

Stop #7 – Waterfalls #2+ #3 of the day – Seljandsfoss + Gljúfrabúi waterfalls. Two waterfalls in one glorious stop, and this stop one we got a little wet.

We got to get up close and personal with Seljandsfoss going behind it, which was neat. This waterfall is breathtaking from the road, being able to get so close to it was really wild!

We had to wade through a bit of water and cross a creek behind massive boulders to get to Gljúfrabúi – it was secluded and a sight to see. If you are planning to see these falls, be sure to pack waterproof shoes and your rain jacket, because you are going to need it – but definitely stop here and enjoy!

Stop #8 – Waterfall #4 for the day – Skogafoss. We hiked to the top for incredible views and then got to enjoy the falls + the spray, along with a great rainbow, from the bottom. This is one of Iceland’s most elegant waterfalls – with a 25 m cascade and 60 m drop – a true beauty in a fantastic setting. 

Not going to lie, the hike up the stairs to the top is steep + no joke, but that might have been my 3 month pregnant self being extra sensitive – and frankly tired at this point in the day. But definitely worth being able to see the beautiful falls from the two different vantage points and the views from the top are incredible.

A Rainbow at the bottom was a bonus little treat we got to enjoy!

Stop #9 – our last {outdoor} stop on our road trip day from Reykjavík to Vík. A 2.5 hour trip that we turned into an 11 hour day with tons of stops, incredible sights and lots of fun. We were pretty done by this point in the day but wanted to get our first look at one of the glaciers in the area. Solheimajokull Glacier was big, beautiful and not much of a hike for us to get a little peek of it, at the end of a long day.

We didn’t plan on stopping here, but it was nice to do at the end of our trip into Vik.

Stop #10 – Smiðjan Brugghús – After that long day we were hungry and tired and the hubs had researched a local craft brew pub that was right around the corner from the hotel we were staying at. It was a really cool little spot, worth checking out for sure if you are in Vik!

So there you have it – our first leg of travel on the Golden Circle from Reykjavik to Vik. It was a busy day, but I’m so glad we didn’t everything we did because it was all so incredible to see!

Thanks for following along on this looooong post, but I’d love to know what you think of our trip so far! And if you’ve been or are planning to go to Iceland – I’d love to know your favorite spots or what’s on your list!

Fall in Hershey, PA – Matching Skeletons at HersheyPark in the Dark 2019

HersheyPark in the Dark has easily become one of our most favorite things to do every Fall. It is something the boys look forward to every year, ever since I took Brooks 3 years ago!

Here’s a look back at our HersheyPark in the Dark moments over the years, including a VIDEO of our fun times there: 2018 / 2017

My Skeleton Onesie / Graham’s Skeleton / Brooks’ Skeleton / Boys Treat Bags

And if you’ve been following along for a while, YOU KNOW I love a good opportunity to do matching costumes – or matching anything really. I saw this skeleton onesie for myself, it was soft and so comfortable – basically heaven – so I knew I had to round up the troops to get our matching skeleton family on! It was warm + cozy and black – perfect for rollin’ around a theme park in the dark! Highly recommend – plus each costume was under $20! Win!

So Hershey does an incredible job celebrating every holiday – they do a great job with everything, period. BUT Halloween is one of our favorites – likely, because chocolate.

Hershey is OBVIOUSLY the most perfect place to spend Halloween – they don’t skimp on the treats!

The boys and I were treated to an incredible dessert reception before the HersheyPark in the Dark festivities opened. All of these cookies, cupcakes and sweet treats were beyond delicious.

My favorite little spot was the Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Station.

So if you aren’t familiar with HersheyPark in the Dark – it happens during 3 weekends in October – November every year. More than 50+ rides and attractions are open during this time, there is so much for everyone to enjoy!

There are also special events happening throughout the park – A Character Glow Party, Hops & Harvest {Beer Garden anyone?}, Creatures of the Night in ZooAmerica and Treatville!

Treatville is a Trick of Treat Trail throughout HersheyPark, ZooAmerica and Chocolate World! My kids LOVE doing this every year and the candy they give out is always amazing.

Side Note: Visiting Chocolate World and riding the Chocolate Tour is always free. It’s so nice they offer part of Treatville inside Chocolate World incase you have younger kids that can’t hang at the park!

Aside from all the rides + treats happening at HersheyPark in the Dark, being inside the park at night is always such a treat because it’s so LIT UP for the season and beautiful to enjoy. We lucked out going on a super mild night and no one event needed coats – another serious win!

So if you haven’t hit up HersheyPark in the Dark yet this season – it’s still happening this Friday, Saturday + Sunday as well as NEXT Fri/Sat/Sun after Halloween to continue the fun of the season AND to get one more wear out of those costumes before the kiddos outgrow them!

I’d love to know if you and your family have every been to HersheyPark in the Dark or if you plan to go! What is your favorite ride or thing to enjoy there this season? Please share and thanks so much for reading!

VIDEO: Day 1 in Iceland – The Blue Lagoon, Brimketill Lava Rock Pools, Gunnuhuver Geothermal area, Reykjanes Peninsula Edge + The Bridge Between Two Continents!

So I am so excited to finally start to share with you our Icelandic Adventure! I think I’ve finally had time to get home, get organized and really digest the incredible time we had while in Iceland on our accidental ‘baby moon.’

We started looking into booking a trip because we wanted to celebrate buying our new home + selling our city home. We also took it as a excuse to getaway after our crazy summer dealing with the move and also our heartbreaking miscarriage. When looking at trips we knew we didn’t want to go anywhere with Zika – because we were hoping to get pregnant soon-ish and didn’t want to have to delay trying because Zika is still very much a thing. Luckily we booked Iceland because we ended up finding out we were pregnant about a month before we left for our trip!

Charles and I were initially looking into France or Spain or Rome – I have never been to any of those places before and he really wanted to go there with me, but when we figured out an itinerary we liked, we would have spent so many days of our vacation as travel days with 20+ hours of flights or trains. I wanted something a little easier where we could enjoy our time away.

Enter Iceland.

My sister + brother in law had been to Iceland last October and RAVED about it. My in-laws had also been a few years ago and loved it too. A quick, non-stop 5 hour flight sounded like heaven to me and Iceland had always been a place I had wanted to go – this turned out to be the perfect time to do it – and I’m so glad we did!

There is SO MUCH we got to see and do – if you follow along on Instagram, you know! I posted a bunch but I am so excited that I was able to get some video footage for you as well. I’m going to be breaking our trip down by day – so its not a million hours long and I can focus on the highlights for each day for the different areas we were in – because we moved around a lot!

So here it is, for Day 1 in Iceland – The Blue Lagoon, Brimketill Lava Rock Pools, Gunnuhuver Geothermal area, Reykjanes Peninsula Edge + The Bridge Between Two Continents! Check out the video + be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to let me know what you think !

I knew I wanted to do the Blue Lagoon to minute we booked the trip. I got the go ahead from my doctor right away, which was awesome – the lagoon is never really that hot, so its not an issue for pregnant women. Its normally around 100* – hotter in some areas – but I was always just warm and comfortable, like I was in a bath. It was lovely.

We went back and forth about doing the Blue Lagoon at the start or end of our trip. It’s only about 15 minutes from the airport and both the airport and the Lagoon are about 45-60 minutes away from Reykjavik. Being so close to the Blue Lagoon when we landed I wanted to take advantage of its proximity and knock it off our list right away. Charles wasn’t sure if we would be able to enjoy it with the jet lag but I read online that people went there to beat jet lag – and that’s exactly what we did! It was relaxing and so enjoyable to be able to hop off our plane, rent our car and just about hop right into the lagoon.

After an overnight flight, it was heaven.

I booked us the 8am entry to the Blue Lagoon – we landed at 7am and got there shortly after 8. This was another amazing call because in the beginning of the day, you have the place to yourself.

If you plan to visit, my tips would be to get there as early as you can – to be crowds and tour buses, etc. – and to put SO MUCH conditioner in your hair before you go into the water. My hair still feels a little crazy from all that silica, weeks later!

And if you get the opportunity, DEFIANTLY visit the Blue Lagoon!

After spending a few hours in the Lagoon, we decided to explore the Reykjanes Peninsula area a bit more. I did a bunch of research before and found out there was lots to see in the area, all fairly close to the lagoon and the airport – so we wanted to take advantage of this before we headed for the big city!

Our first stop was the Brimketill Lava Rock Pools. We went on a crazy windy day and the waves gave us a SHOW! It was beautiful and wild and apparently super different with the seasons.

After that we made our way over to the Gunnuhuver Geothermal area which I believe is the largest in Iceland. It was so crazy to see the steam and mud pools and we got to learn a lot about this country we just landed in.

Next we made our way over to the Reykjanes Peninsula Edge where we got to see dramatic cliffs, rock formations and a beautiful lighthouse. Quick stops, but each was so different and I’m glad we made the time to road trip around while in the area.

Our final stop was the Bridge Between Two Continents, which was such a cool place to check out. This area separates Europe and North America with the tectonic plates actively rifting apart. It felt like what I imagine it to feel if I was to walk on the moon. Super wild!

I don’t think many people explore the Reykjanes Peninsula – but if you are in the area, you totally should! It’s a great spot to explore with so much to see before heading out to Reykjavik!

More about our trip coming up – if you have any specific questions about our visit or our itinerary, please let me know and I’ll be sure to include it in my posts! Thanks for following along and I can’t to share more – this is just the beginning!

Pregnant with Baby BOY #3!

Hello Hello!

I’m back from Iceland. We had the most amazing time and I have so much to share from our trip, but I think the most important piece of news would have to be THIS:

Oh Boy!

Baby BOY #3 is coming our way this April and we couldn’t be more excited!

I’ve been dying to share the exciting news, but after our {missed} miscarriage in July, we wanted to wait until we were more comfortable with everything this time around.

And it was sort of a moment for me yesterday after I shared the news on my personal FB page and on Instagram because after pushing ‘Publish’ I soon realized that yesterday was National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

We are so lucky and beyond blessed we were able to get pregnant again so quickly after our loss this summer and after it took about a year of trying for babe #3 – I don’t take this pregnancy or any pregnancy lightly, especially after being a member of the miscarriage club.

And because it happened back to back from the D&C – it’s even more crazy to say that I’ve been pregnant for the past 6 months, but only have 3 months of this baby belly to show for it. My body {and hormones} are slightly all over the place, but I 100% do not mind this belly popping out so early this time around.

We had a doctors appointment on Monday and an ultrasound as well and everything is looking really good, they actually moved my due date up a week! Since all our tests came back and we got to see the little guy being so active on the big screen, we decided to tell the boys the good news.

Once they knew, we were fully aware the whole world would know, so we went with it.

At the ultrasound appointment, the technician was so sweet. She put little “Hi Brooks” and “Hi Graham” notes on the photos for the boys and hooked them up with Big Brother stickers. We took a video of our telling the boys the news and it was so special, I know we will cherish it {and laugh!} forever.

Highlights of telling the boys include:

  • “Mama, how you did that?” – Graham
  • “I’m going to teach him how to play video games every day” – Brooks
  • “Jackson, you’re going to be a big brother again” – Brooks
  • “Are you tricking us? There’s literally a baby in there??” – Graham
  • “Does it come out of your mouth?” – Brooks
  • “Does the doctor pull the baby out with a claw?” – Graham
  • “I can’t wait to babysit!” – Graham

It was very sweet and while it’s only been a day of the boys knowing, they are taking any chance they get to rub my belly and say hi to their new little sibling in the making. I can’t wait to meet this new little boy in April!

Stay tuned for more on all our travels and fun in Iceland along with my thoughts on pregnancy after miscarriage and an update on how the first trimester was for me! And as always, if you have any questions for me – please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks so much for following along and for all the sweet messages from our announcement. It all means so much to me and I can’t wait to take you along on this journey with #3!

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