A Super Sunday & A Manic Monday

Oh the glorious work week. Well Sunday night was fabo. Watched Gone Baby Gone and it was pretty good. I enjoyed it. It was definitely Sunday night flick worthy. There were a few parts that I thought were unnecessary, such as when the boy got kidnapped, but it was a pretty good plot line that kept you guessing. At the end of the movie I wasn’t sure what I would have done personally. Would it have been better for Amanda to live with her mom who was a disaster, but at the end of the day it was still her mom or would it have been better for Amanda to live out her youth having fun in the wilderness with the police captain. It was quite the pickle to be in, but I thought Casey Affleck did a great job. I can’t wait to see The Assassination of Jesse James with him in it. Woop Woop.

Monday sChili’s, Fajita ‘Rita Monday, Gone Baby Gone, Work Sucksucked in work week terms. When can I retire? Sometime soon I hope. Maybe I will win the lottery next week? I need to buy a ticket first. But until then, my constants in life will get me through. The things that will always be there for me. One of them I got to experience tonight. Oh how I love thee Fajita ‘Rita Monday. Is it sad that I have been to Chili’s twice since Saturday night? And its only Monday? Oh well. I am a fat kid at heart. Get to know me. The fajita’s were superb and the margarita’s hit the spot. What else to you need to help keep you going until Friday? I hope the 2 margs I had and the beer I am currently drinking will sure help make the week go by as fast as possible.

Is it Friday yet?!

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