Book Review: Stori Telling

Can I just start off by saying, that I pretty much only became interested in this book because I fell in love with Tori Spelling’s line of jewelry on HSN. I started reading people’s review on the pieces I was interested in and they mentioned how much they loved this book. People were seriously raving and I just had to check it out for myself. It isn’t that hard to believe that I wouldn’t enjoy reading this book. I was a huge 90210 fan, such a fanatic in fact that I taped the last episode (Donna and Davids Wedding) while furiously writing out their vows to each other, my own little way to keep 90210 and D&Ds love alive. Such a loser. Oh well.

Back to the book: I thought Stori Telling was fantastic. Tori Spelling made herself seem real, someone whom I could relate to, which is a feat itself because she is TORI SPELLING. I love her stories about 90210 and the cast and a little of the drama and a lot of the love they had during the 10 years they we on air. I also loved learning about the Spelling family feuds between her and her mom. Everyone has those stories, but its great to hear them from someone at her celebrity status level. The best part about the book I thought was her struggle to find true love. While reading, you get to hear Tori’s side of her relationships with all her boyfriends and how she dealt with the bad relationships, her first marriage, all up to her current marriage with Dean McDermott. It was a fun book to read and I would definitely recommend it. FIVE STARS!

I would also recommend her jewelry line. I love it. I think its awesome especially since gold is so hot right now, and the prices are pretty good too!

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