The Dog In the Basket On the Bike

So yesterday, on my fitness kick, we took a ‘little’ bike ride. And by little, I mean 20 glorious miles from Conshohocken to Valley Forge. Yay exercise! And me being so in love with my little puppy dog, I am a firm believer in taking Jackson with me whenever and wherever I can, and he can come with me on bike rides, thanks to a little bitty basket I got that sits on the front of my bike ‘wicked witch of the west’ style. I love the comments I get as people bike past me and realize, yes its a real dog, and yes he is in the basket of my bike.

Comments include, but are not limited to: Hi Puppy! Look, its a dog! Did you see that dog on that bike? Awwww!! Hahahaha!! Look honey, a puppy!

These are only a few of the many we received yesterday, and they do not include those people who rode past me, and then noticed Jackson, decided to ride alongside me and talk to him. Very odd, but obviously Jackson being the ham that he is, loved all the attention.

Here are some pictures of the glorious sunny day. Enjoy!

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