The Other Boleyn Girl: The Book vs. The Movie

Reading this book for me was a complete word of mouth suggestion by my friend Lacey, and I thank her ever so greatly for it. I finished this 600 something page book in under a week, I literally could not force myself to put it down. I loved every word, every page, it was a great read, perfect for the summer. And when I finished this book earlier this week, I decided I had to see the movie, even though I didn’t really expect THAT much based on the fact that they turned a 600+ page book into a movie under 2 hours long. Hopefully I don’t give too much away if you haven’t read/seen it yet.

My Thoughts:

The obvious problem is that the movie left out tons and tons of the book, including huge chunks of the major story lines. Babies that were conceived (whether fully born or not) in the book were not even so much as mentioned in the movie. The only two babies were the boy Mary had, Henry, and Anne’s girl, Elizabeth. There was much more drama surrounding the two Boyeln’s conceptions from the King.

George. He was such a huge, integral, main character in the book. The scandals, the lies, the loyal ties (sometimes too loyal) he shared with his sisters were so deep rooted in the book. And yes, I know, its a book, there are more pages and there is more time to develop that sort of thing, but seriously, I didn’t even know who George WAS until the movie was halfway over. There were so many nail biting, teeth clenching moments that were left out (or even altered) in the movie. I was disappointed with that part.

Anne. I thought she was the biggest tyrant in the book, but in the movie, they defiantly changed the way Natalie Portman was to portray her. She was always keeping you guessing as to what she was going to do next, and which line she was going to cross.

Mary. I loved her character, and not because they wanted you to love her. I felt for her and what she went through and how she did everything she was told, but she was still cast aside, and even after everything she had been through, she was still loyal to her blood kin, and most importantly, to herself. Reading how she developed in the book was very entertaining. She was a great character.

All in all I loved the book….the movie not so much. If you are in the mood for a page turner, this is definitely the book for you. Go get it and read it now! You won’t be disappointed! FIVE STARS for the book.

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