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Utah is going for the gold! The state is embarking on a year long experiment of a four day work week. ?!?!?! When is this fabulous little “rule” coming on over to the East Coast. This is being done to save on energy costs, as a state be a little more environmentally friendly, and to cut down on employee commuting costs. So now instead of five 8 hour work days, the employees will put in four 10 hour work days. Apparently, some people are excited to save on gas, have more time to do things around the house, and have additional leisure time, but others are upset because they will have to change around their entire schedule, specifically regarding childcare. But apparently they are still ironing out the specifics on what will be done to help people out in that area. I bet that most people in Utah are super excited for a mandatory three day weekend. The start date is August 4, 2008, and I feel most people are going to be shouted “TGIT” Thank God Its Thursday!

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