Avenue Q

Yesterday morning, Kate Monster and I went to TKTS to see if we could get some fabulous low price tickets to any awesome Broadway show. We were totally successful in getting great sets in the orchestra section to Avenue Q. Kate had heard good reviews about it, that it involved muppets in some way, and it was supposed to be hilarious.

Well, IT WAS.

I really didn’t know what to expect when she told me about it, because I didn’t understand the concept and how it would be funny, or how it would even work. But it was great. The muppets were hilarious. It was mildly inappropriate at time, specifically when the muppets had sex on stage, and also when they broke out into song about how “The Internet is for Porn,” after singing a song called “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist.” It was a great show, and I laughed the whole time.

Money well spent.

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