Biggest Loser Tuesday

I love the Biggest Loser. I have been a big fan for a while now. I love the whole process, overweight people loosing weight the healthy way, by diet and exercise. I think the whole thing is pretty incredible because the people on the show loose A LOT OF WEIGHT. I watched the Biggest Loser tonight while working out on my Wii Fit. One of the programs is a free step, where you step on and off the Wii Fit in sync with a clicking sound that comes out of the remote. You can switch the channel and watch whatever while you do it. I did it with weights, so it was better than watching the show sitting on my butt.

Post working out I decided to play around a little more with my juicer. I hadn’t tried any orange juice yet, so I peeled a few and popped a few in the juice master. It was really good, a little frothy on top. I very much enjoyed it. The second picture with the pink in the juice is from my second helping, when I added some strawberries. SO GOOD. For the record, I.LOVE.MY.JUICER. 🙂

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