Sound Check: Julianne Hough & Kellie Pickler

Another fabulous day of celebrity sightings! That statement makes it sound like I get to see celebs a lot, which is definately NOT the case. BUT I have seen many of them in the past week and a half, so I guess that kinda rocks.

I was able to be at the sound check for Julianne Hough & Kellie Pickler today. Sadly, I have no pictures to share. I was very upset I was not allowed to take pictures, but somehow my life will go on. It was amazing. Julianne is so teeny tiny! Her hair was big and beautiful but she was just the littlest thing ever. She is also just as nice in person as you would believe her to be from watching her on Dancing with the Stars or seeing her tour with her new country album. I am pretty sure we should be best friends! She sang “Song In My Head” and “My Hallelujah Song.” She really does have a great voice. Did I mention she was itsy-bitsy!?

I also got to hear Kellie Pickler’s band warm up, and I was told she was going to come out and practice before the show, but no such luck. Things were running a littl behind schedule so I guess she had to get ready!

I was given a copy of Julianne’s self titled CD and it’s really good. I like it alot. My favorite song so far is “Dreaming Under the Same Moon,” a song she duets with her brother Derek.

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