Tea Time!

So since I have picked up my running because of my two races coming up, my hunger has been ravenous! I am eating anything and everything in sight. I am SO HUNGRY. I know I have been burning more calories with the running, but this hunger is nuts! I am hoping its mostly mental and that I can cure it with a cup of tea.
Today I am drinking Chamomile Lemon Tea. May not be the best choice, considering on the label it says "Surrender to Sleep" and its not even noon yet, but it tastes very light. I added my stevia and I am good to go. I am basically drinking it with the hopes my hunger with surrender to it and hopefully it will hold me over until lunch!
The back of the package is so cute. It says:
"The leaves take the water and the water
takes me. I put up no resistance,
surrendering myself to what has entered.
Soon I am the tea and the tea is me."
– The Minister of Leaves
Isn't that lovely?
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