Weekend Breakfasts

I made boyf a green monster this weekend. It was his first one, truly a momentous occasion. I blended the usual, 4 cups spinach, banana, 1 cup almond milk and flax seeds.

Before & After Blending

blog 145blog 146

A lil’’ his & hers green monster lovin’

blog 147

Boyf couldn’t get past the whole green part of the drink. He didn’t think it was horrible, but he didn’t love it the way I love them. Tear!  

FiberOne Honey Clusters cereal. Yum!blog 148

Bacon, Egg, Cheese & Hot Sauce Breakfast Burrito

blog 149

A chocolate chip muffinblog 155

Boyf was the guinea pig for the breakfast portion of the eDiets meal that was sent to me. It was scrambled egg with dill and a has brown. As you can see from the image below, it didn’t look very appetizing, which is because it wasn’t appetizing at all. It didn’t even look like eggs, and even if it did, there were literally two bites. Thumbs down.

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