I heart Boy Bands! – New Kids On The Block Concert – Patriot Center, VA

I heart boy bands. ‘N*Sync for life’ is somewhat of a motto for me. BUT they aren’t making a comeback anytime soon (but a girl can still dream), so until then, I will continue to support my old fav’s from back in the day! I went to Backstreet Boys last summer, and had the best day of my life when I was front row at Britney Spears this winter, (Check out the best night of my life Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) This past weekend Mich and I hit up the New Kids on the Block comeback tour. Mich is just like me in her love for all things boy band and Britney, so it’s always a good time.

We got tickets a few months ago, and then last week I heard on the radio they changed venues. I didn’t think anything of it until we were driving back from the beach to the concert on Sunday, when I thought, ‘I wonder where our seats will be since it’s a different venue.’ Hmmm…apparently, they refunded Mich and we actually didn’t HAVE tickets anymore! NOOOO! Don’t worry, they weren’t even CLOSE to being sold out, and we got them cheaper anyways. Score!

Is it bad that the tickets were cheaper than the shirts we bought?? Whatever, they were pink and sparkled, so that’s a win in my book! It may be bad that I didn’t know the song on the back of my shirt, but again, it was pink and sparkled, so I made it work!

mas pics 985 mas pics 986

Yes, we got matching t-shirts, and yes, the lazy chick we asked to take our picture couldn’t be bothered to stand up to get the bar out of the picture. Annoying, but whatever, we looked cute and the stage is in the background.

mas pics 984

I was SO PUMPED when I saw that Jabbawockeez were opening the show. It was kind of weird going to a concert where the opening act didn’t actually sing, but it was SO ENTERTAINING! I love them!

Check them out doing a little snippet of my jam “Single Ladies”

Next up, New Kids! Woohoo! I am not sure if anyone remembers, but they sang some pretty high pitched songs back in the day. They attempted to do that again tonight, and at times, it was a little weird. Entertaining, but weird.

mas pics 994

Here is a snippet of  the beginning of “You Got The Right Stuff”

There were not a ton of people at the concert, and most of the people that were there were die hard fans, probably like I would be for N*Sync or Britney. I never noticed before how the New Kids focused so much on ‘sex’ – all their dance moves and all the lyrics are SO sexual.  I guess I never paid much attention to it before, but there was grabbing of certain parts and a lot of thrusting. At times I felt I had to shield my eyes!

mas pics 1003

I liked a lot of their new stuff. My new favorite New Kids on the Block song may or may not be “Full Service” The refrain is as follows:

“You ain’t gotta gotta be nervous, nervous                                              I’ma give ya give ya full service service”

Is that naughty? It seriously is a catchy tune! I just downloaded it on iTunes, it’s totally a fabulous running song! It makes me laugh each time because the song is about a girl pumping gas or something (but not really, if you know what I mean). Whatever I like the beat!

mas pics 1007 mas pics 992

Here is the refrain of “The Right Stuff” with the New Kids doing their signature dancing! I love when they all dance the same! It reminds me of the good ol’boy band glory days! That one move they do it a classic New Kids move. I love it!

Did I mention all these guys are 40 now? Minus Jordan who is 36.  So weird! I wonder if they ever thought they would still be doing the boy band thing at this age.

All in all, it was ok. I didn’t know alot of the new stuff, which they played most of the time. I get that because they want to sell albums, and pretty much their old stuff repeats 5 words for the entire song over and over again. They did their little tributes to their ‘oldies’ which everyone appreciated. Mich and I didn’t stay the entire time, but we were glad we went! Yay for old groups making comebacks!

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  • Reply Miss Anne June 10, 2009 at 2:13 am


    i want that shirt.

    i used to be a NKOTB fan club member.

    no, seriously.

  • Reply Jules June 10, 2009 at 3:50 am

    There was nothing better than the new kids back in the day! It sounds like you had a great time. I love your pink shirt 🙂

  • Reply RhodeyGirl/Sabrina June 10, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    my dance teacher grew up dancing with jordan! i've met him a few times, he's a sweetie 😉

    looks like the concert was a blast! cute tee!

  • Reply Charm City Kim June 10, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    I was in *love* with NKOTB in the late 80s but have a really really really hard time getting into them now.

    I just don't want to tarnish my fond memories with them being TOO old to be thrusting and being overtly sexual in their songs. It gives me the creeps! 🙂

  • Reply healthy ashley June 10, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    I never liked boy bands when I was younger, but I LOVE the new New Kids on the Block! I'm jealous- it looks like a great time!! And I love the pink shirts!

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