Down Time

Holler! It’s been a lazy day in Leslie Land! Not really, I was pretty productive, for traveling all morning and having a day off! Since we last spoke I did a little writing and did a little running.

I went to the gym and only planned on doing a little 3 mile job, but I ended up doing 5!

 disney 002disney 005

I was sporting my favorite running shirt.

Oops, backwards!

disney 006

There, that’s better! I got to represent my hometown when I travel, yo!

 disney 007

I ran my 5 miles on the treadmill while watching Ellen. I love her, she’s so entertaining. I had Jackson hanging out with me on my phone while I ran. I miss that little guy already, and it’s only been a few hours!    

disney 010disney 011

In other news I will be running the race on Sunday in shoes with different color laces. I was trying something on my shoes that was sent to me to review and the other grey lace walked off!

Does it look weird, or are you secretly going to do different color laces yourself to match me because you think it looks hardcore?! You know it looks awesome!

disney 009

After my 5 miles, I was glowing! It felt good to sweat!

 disney 012

Throughout the day I snacked on all this. It was sort of a breakfast/morning snack/lunch/afternoon snack combo. Snacks included a chocolate raw crunch bar, Banana Bread Walnuts from Living Nutz, and two new chewy granola bars from Nature’s Path – Berry Strawberry and Chococonut.

disney 017

My roommates finally all got here and we headed out for dinner. I was starving after my run so I was ready to eat! Our hotel has a nice little food court right around the corner, so that was convenient, but the food was all crap. I finally settled on the only possible remotely healthy option on the menu.

disney 014

I got an Asian Chicken Wrap. It was yummy, and I ate it in about 5 seconds flat.

disney 015 

I think I could have eaten an entire other wrap!

disney 016 

I am off to watch TV and go to bed early! I have a big day of Disney tomorrow! Night Night!

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  • Reply feetinmotion March 4, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    I love Ellen too!! You're going to great on your race! Can't wait for the recap!!!

  • Reply Ashley March 4, 2010 at 11:59 pm

    You're so prepared! You'll be fantastic and have so much fun doing it too. I'm taking tomorrow off after tonight's amazing 80 minute massage. Do you do any crosstraining? I'm curious what you think about that in addition to your running.

  • Reply Ashley March 5, 2010 at 9:03 am

    I really like that black and white striped tank! And I am glad I am not the only one who misses my pet when I'm away. 🙂

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