Guest Post: A Penn State Proposal

Hi And Her Little Dog Too readers! My name is Jen and I am a friend and old coworker of Leslie’s (and her little dog too)! I wanted to guest post tonight and share my proposal story with you. I know Leslie has shared her proposal story and is getting married in 5 months – my wedding is just around the corner too!

I hope you enjoy our story: 

Here is how it happened – I got tickets to the Penn State/Iowa game of 2009 and was pumped for it. I was lucky to get tickets for my parents, my boyfriend Jay (now fiancé) and a bunch of friends. We got a great parking spot and set-up our tailgate. It was a lovely day in State College, cold and dreary – just the way I remember it in college. After we got set up, Jay said, “I want to go see the Paterno statue.”

Now to clarify some things, Jay visited me almost every weekend of my senior year at Penn State and he never once said, “I want to go see the Paterno statue,” but I never thought anything of it. I just kept thinking and saying, “why the heck do you want to go see it today of all days!”  So he kept asking, and then my friends kept saying go there first, and I said no I wanted to go visit some friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.

Then Jay said again let’s go to the statue first and then visit your friends – well me being the overly logical person that I am didn’t think that made much sense. We’d have to walk in the opposite direction, then walk all the way back to our tailgate and to my friend’s tailgate. So we go visit my friends after much pushing from my good friends Matt and Tammy.

On our way back, Jay sent a text message to Matt that said, “we are heading to the drop point, operation finger ringer is a go.” So we get back to the tailgate and Jay said again, “let’s go look at the statue,” so I said “fine, let’s just get this over with.” We got to the statue, and I took a picture of him with Paterno and then we stopped a couple to take a picture of us with the statue. Keep in mind we looked like drowned rats, and we were wearing some really awesome ponchos. So we were each on one side of Paterno smiling for the camera, and I heard Jay say, “will you marry me?” I laugh and said, “get up Jay – they are trying to take the picture.” 

I figured he was just trying to make me laugh because he is always joking with me. Then he said, “Jen, look down.” I looked down, and I nearly lost it. I said, “OMG, are you serious?” He said, “yep.” He was down on one knee holding the ring up with this huge grin on his face. I started balling my eyes out and just kept saying “OMG, OMG.”

All these people were stopping to look at us, and I was covering my face in complete shock. What was probably 30 seconds probably felt like an hour for Jay as I thought it took me forever to say “yes, yes, yes!” He was shaking a bit and went for the wrong hand, and I started laughing. He put it on my finger, and stood up, and we just grabbed each other and started saying “I love you” over and over again. Jay told me he told my parents a week prior to the day he proposed. As soon as we got back to the tailgate, I went right up to my parents and hugged them. I think it got me the most when my dad said, “welcome to the family.”

It was just such a great moment to have my parents and some of my close friends around me to celebrate. 

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Thank you so much and thanks for reading & Happy Holidays!

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  • Reply patty O December 26, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    Loved your story – good things always happen when you least expect it – your fiance had to all figured out, but you sure didn't! Congratulations!

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