A Case of the Monday’s

A case of the Monday’s is actually one thing I DO NOT have today! I had an awesomely productive day today. It was filled with cardio class, meetings, yoga class and lots of planning. Some good stuff going on in my life right about now, lots to be excited about!

Here is what my Monday evening is shaping up to look like –


I enjoyed a lovely green drink in a fancy margarita glass.


It’s my own little version of Margarita Monday!


I also had a serious craving for cupcakes today, so I went to the store, bought a little box and now I can calm my craving!


Carrot cake cupcakes with butter cream icing. That’s how I roll.


I make cupcakes because they are easier to portion control! Got to keep Operation: Hot Bride going strong!


I enjoyed my green monster margarita and my carrot cupcake (not in the same sitting!) with a side of roses!


Don’t worry – they are Jackson approved!

DSC_3333 DSC_3335

Fiancé surprised me with roses because I have been dealing with some wedding stress lately. These last 2.5 months are going to be crazy with planning all the final details of the big day – it’s a lot to handle!


We are currently struggling with trying to pick out our wedding song – which is a lot harder than it sounds!


We both want something that isn’t obviously a wedding song, but its hard to discover a song like that. We are sorting through some soft and classic rock options along with a country song or too. We are having a hard time picking it out and we need to finalize one soon so we can schedule our dancing lessons!


Do you have any wedding song suggestions? What was your wedding song or what will it be? Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated!


Now I am off to cuddle up with this guy –


It’s Bachelor and Gossip Girl time!


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