A Liquid Breakfast

Today I brought back a morning favorite – The Infamous Green Monster!


It has been a while since I had some gloriously green spinach for breakfast – too long in fact! It has been a while since I enjoyed my green monster because spinach has been expensive lately! 


In the mix was my original favorite – spinach, almond milk, banana, a scoop of Vega and a mix of flax seeds and wheat berries.


All piled into my glorious vita-mix!


Two seconds later I had my glorious green smoothie!


All piled into my Oddyssey Half Marathon glass.


Side Note: Did you know I have run 7 Half Marathons – 4 in 2010 and 3 in 2009! I didn’t even know I have run 7! Cool!


Starting off my day with this fabulous green drink is the best!


In other news – Did you watch Oprah Goes Vegan episode? I caught up on it yesterday on my DVR and was really impressed by the whole thing. I was really interested to see how they would do the part of the show surrounding the slaughterhouse – I thought I wouldn’t be able to watch it but I think they showed everything in a really good light. But for me it was very hard to watch the animals look into the camera before they were lead to the slaughterhouse. I admit that I had to hold Jackson tightly while watching this part of the snow.

It was very interesting to see “where meat comes from” and part of the process that goes into how the meat comes to our tables. The slaughterhouse potion of the show was hard to watch but I believe it was good to be educated on the subject.  I don’t eat too much meat myself, but I do drink milk, eat eggs, cheese and the like.  I feel that its important to know where the animal products we are putting into our bodies comes from – but I understand some people believe ignorance is bliss and would rather not know what goes on behind meat packaging plant closed doors.

I really enjoyed the fact that HARPO Studios went Vegan for a week. It made me feel like I could maybe even try it! I enjoyed hearing how some of the staff members felt different and enjoyed the change. Something to think about – but either way after watching the show I will be more conscious of my food choices than ever before!

Did you watch this Oprah show? What were your thoughts?

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