Bieber & Beers

Tonight, Lauren and I set off with two things in mind: Bieber & Beers


We channeled our inner 15 year old girl and embraced the Never Say Never Justin Bieber movie.




Because we are awesome we got to hit up the 4:35 matinee showing which meant an empty theatre for us (aside from the small group of teenage girls in the back drooling over the Biebs)


I am pretty sure I make 3-D glasses look good.


Lauren rocked them out too!


Yes, we are in our mid 20’s and we went to see the Justin Bieber movie. We don’t need you to tell us how cool we are, we know! 🙂

 IMG_0366 IMG_0367 

I am not going to lie – the movie was pretty awesome.I laughed, I cried, I was inspired. Justin really has a unique story to tell – He went from no one knowing his name to selling out Madison Square Garden in 22 minutes a year later. Pretty crazy stuff. He is a small town guy who got discovered on YouTube and I think he is a good example of the phenomenon that is social media!

It’s amazing how things work out sometimes, isn’t it? Did you know that he had NO formal vocal coaching or training before he was signed by Usher? The videos they showed of him as a kid on the drums and guitar were pretty awesome. You must admit the kid has talent and charisma too! He is a cutie!


After coming to the realization that we indeed DO have the Fever and then facing the sad reality that Justin is 10 years younger than us, we hit up the bar! Lauren and I hit up Fork and Barrel which is a new watering hole in our area that has become a quick favorite.


Lots of amazing beers on tap and a really great vibe!


I hadn’t seen Lauren in a few weeks since our last girl’s night out so it was nice to chat and catch up!


It has been a really great week for me. Lots of good things going on in my little blog world and fabulous news in other areas as well! I love ending the week on a fabulous note!

Cheers to Thursday evening!


Are you a Justin Bieber fan? I must admit, I have the Fever but I will always be a loyal N*Sync for Life girl! 🙂

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