This week I discovered a new gem – SweetGreen – which is a simple, healthy, fast-casual oasis with a focus on high-quality ingredients.


Aka – a perfect place for me to dine!



They list out all their local foods from the area so you can know where your food is coming from. There is also a seasonal board for different eats based on the time of year. I love fun seasonal eats!


I was in the perfect mood for a huge salad in my life, so finding SweetGreen couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time.


So many amazing salad’s to choose from and very reasonably priced too!


I am usually a fan of the make-your-own mixes because one of my pet peeves is when you want everything in the salad except the meat, but they still charge you the same amount as if you were eating the meat. Totally annoying.  Anyone else hate it when that happens?

Also  check out that amazing list of dressings – curry pineapple yogurt? carrot chili vinaigrette? truffle oil? Yes please!


I was tempted by this amazing salad because of our upcoming honeymoon plans – must come back and try this one out!


I decided to go with the Chic-P salad because I was seriously craving falafel (I love that stuff!) – everything in the mix sounded amazing and the lemon hummus tahini dressing?? Lay it on me!


There is a salad bar of sorts set up behind a glass wall for the employee to make your salad for you. Everything looks fresh and there was a fabulous variety in the selection.

    IMG_0410 IMG_0411

I enjoyed the different type of lettuce options.


After my salad was made I was most excited to try out the sparkling beverage fountain soda options – which were evenly sweetened with pure cane sugar. I rarely drink soda so this was a treat.

 IMG_0415 IMG_0435

I got the Black Cherry. It was insanely awesome. The word on the street is they carry this drink brand at Trader Joe’s!


Here is my lovely Chic-P salad in action.


Oooohhh! Aaaahhh!

 IMG_0417 IMG_0418  IMG_0420

It really was a fabulous salad and I don’t believe these pictures give a good representation of how big it actually is.

IMG_0423 IMG_0424

Let’s just say I ate more than half of it and still managed to bring another almost meal sized salad home with me to eat later. For $8 I say that is an amazing deal!


I also picked up a free SweetGreen card – for every $1 you spend you get a SweetPoint. 50 SweetPoints = a free yogurt, 100 = a free salad!


Did I just write that they had yogurt?! Why yes, I did! Organic plain tart frozen yogurt to be exact, which just happens to be my favorite kind!


At SweetGreen it’s called SweetFlow and they have an area for the yogurt set up similar to the salads with tons of toppings! Must come back and get yogurt soon – it looked amazing!


Anyone else ever been to a SweetGreen? They started out in DC and a few are in Northern Va (where I am from, Reston!), Maryland and the one I visited in Ardmore, PA in Suburban Square.

Do you have a favorite salad place?


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