Wish We Were Here: Jervis Bay

This week I am still sharing photos from my travels abroad in Australia for today’s Wish We Were Here Wednesday. I love reminiscing from my time Down Under and reliving the memories with you every week. Thank goodness for saving photos on Shutterfly!

This week we are going to check out my favorite spot in Australia – Jervis Bay.

This is the most beautiful place I have ever been to in the entire world. And I have been to some pretty awesome places.

I mean seriously, check out these views:

Our study abroad group had the choice to enjoy a weekend trip away in the glorious Jervis Bay. We met with local indigenous people, toured the area and took in all the amazing sights.

A few hours South of Sydney and you are greeted with sandy white beaches with volcanoes in the background!

Julie and I enjoyed putting our toes in the water (Hi Julie!)

We took a dip in the bay and then enjoyed exploring the area.

(check out my tan….I miss it….)

Another fun part of our trip was when we were treated to a little didgeridoo concert. I love saying that word! Didgeridoo didgeridoo didgeridoo!

At night our guides told us stories about the Aboriginals in the area.

At night some little kangaroos came out to play!

It’s hard to explain why Jervis Bay is one of my favorite spots in the world. It is just an amazingly spiritual and beautiful place. I had an amazing time there with friends and have lots of great memories to keep with me forever.

What is your most favorite place in the entire world?

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