You Caught Me Red Handed

Red hands can only mean one thing…..


I have been juicing with beets! I am always so cautious when handling beets because these bad boys STAIN!


Today’s mix consisted of leftovers from my video blog on juicing! I went with kale, carrots, an apple and a beet slice.


Ladies & Gentleman, May I introduce you to my first Juice FAIL!


This juice was pretty terrible. I couldn’t even drink it! The mix was seriously missing the cucumbers and celery, it was a sad juicing day in my little world.


Don’t let the pretty bubbles fool you. This is one juice combination you do NOT want to try !


If you want to check out some of my more fabulous (and successful!) juice and green monster creations I have plenty of them!


What is the biggest fail in the kitchen you have ever created?

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