Showroom Love

Sorry for the lack of posting the past few days – I have been busy turning this:

photo (57) 

Into this:

photo (58)

And finally THIS!

  photo (43)

For my new job, I have been in charge of helping open the newest lululemon showroom which is currently in Haddonfield, NJ. The thing about the showroom is we get full creative rights to do whatever we want to the space!

We painted, we picked out furniture, and I used a power drill for the first time. It was a pretty amazing experience being a part of something like this.

 photo (44)

I am really so happy with how everything turned out – it’s so colorful and fun! It took a lot of hard work, but everything really came together the past few days and I am so proud of the work we have done.

 photo (46)

This was our color inspiration for the showroom. I love it!

photo (47)

It was an exciting moment when we opened for business yesterday morning. All our hard work had paid off and we had turned this blank canvas into a beautiful showroom!

photo (42)

Of course, all the pretty product helped everything really come together!

photo (45)photo (49)

All in all – two months of hard work really paid off

photo (52)

So celebratory champagne was enjoyed!

photo (56)

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