Sushi Love

Last night I went out to my favorite sushi restaurant for a night out with some of my favorite ladies – Jill & Kate – Girls nights out in the middle of the week make me happy! 


Spamps is my all time favorite sushi place – and whenever I get the chance to hit up the Buy One Get One special, I am all over it!


There was a special on wine too, and even thought I have been cutting back drinking during the week for Operation Hot Bride, a night out with the girls calls for a little vino action if you ask me!


Whenever I go out for sushi, I go out with my game face on. I always order 3 rolls (just for myself!) because I love all the different flavors! (The 4th roll was Kate’s – but I could have eaten that too!)


My favorite roll – the seasonal Spring roll – shrimp tempura and cucumber wrapped in salmon and avocado.  It was topped with orange slices and rocked my socks off!


I am also always a loyal spicy tuna lover. I enjoy the spice kick!


I also got another favorite – the California Dreamin’ Roll –  which is a California roll wrapped with spicy tuna and king crab meat – Amazing!


Kate got the salmon roll. A classic favorite!


It was a sushi-liscous meal!


With my some of my favorite ladies!


Do you have a favorite sushi roll or sushi spot? I find myself always going back to Spamps because they have such amazing seasonal rolls the Spring roll I had at this dinner was incredible and I am always such a big fan of the Summer roll which is topped with mango! Drool!


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