A Magical Honeymoon

Let’s start off with a back story. My husband and I were engaged for 18 months. Yes, 18 months. Needless to say, we were READY for our honeymoon when the time came!

We were married on a balmy, January day in Michigan in 2007. (No snow anywhere in sight.)

Our cake had a little hint on where we were going for our honeymoon…

We were going to Disney World!

I had always dreamed of getting married in Disney World, but since we both had SO many family members (and all 4 sets of grandparents), we opted for a local wedding. So the morning after our wedding, we were off to sunny Florida!

We stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort, which felt like a little tropical paradise.

We spent a week enjoying being married (finally!) – while at the happiest place on earth.

We got some free goodies…

We watched some great shows…

We had some great company…

We ate some great food…

We found where all the cameras were…

But most of all – we had fun!

My husband quickly learned of my love of Disney – and began to love it himself! (Good thing too!)

We have been there 2 times since our honeymoon,  and are planning a return trip for our 5 year anniversary! (I’m hoping for the Disney Half Marathon in 2012 or 2013 also – running and Disney, how much better can it get?! )

Megan blogs at RunningTowardThePrize and just finished her first 10K race! You can also follow her on Twitter (@runningtoprize). She is a Disney Vacation Planner, so contact her to help plan your next Disney vacation!


I myself am a big lover of all things Disney as well! In 2009, Charles and I went on a little long weekend trip to the most Magical place on earth where we drank my way through Epcot and saw all the American Idol’s live – seeing Carrie Underwood was a highlight for sure!

I also ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon, went to the Fit for a Princess Expo and attended a Orlando blogger meet-up! Disney for me has been ton’s-O-fun every time I have been there!


Do you have a favorite Disney memory?

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