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HI And Her Little Dog Readers!

My name is Lisa Paige from I was so excited that Leslie asked me to do a guest post while she’s off getting hitched.

Congrats Les!!


Some of you may know me from my Q102 days in Philly. I did mid-days there for seven years before moving to 923NOW in NYC. My husband and I still live in PA (Bucks county,) but we commute into NY everyday. It sounds worse than it really is. I’m on the radio here weekdays 10-3pm. Radio is my passion. I started my blog about 3 years ago. Since I’m a big believer in telling the you what I’m loving (& hating) on air, I figured a website would be a perfect way to keep you in the loop on all the things I’m passionate about. I realize that when you’re listening to the radio, you may be tied up and miss what I’m saying, that’s why having a blog was so important to me.

 Pampered with Paige is sort of all over the place- in that, it’s not a “food” or “healthy living” blog. I write about stuff going on in my life, food finds, beauty products, fitness, celebs I interview, my family, and if you’re already a reader, then you know the biggest and most exciting thing going on right now in our lives is the arrival of our new baby boy, Zach! He’s due in August.


Over the weekend I got certified to teach spinning, so that’s pretty cool too. Spinning is definitely a great “post-baby” gig to look forward to while I’m on maternity leave.

If you’re ever in the tri-state area, turn me up on 923NOW. You can also follow me on twitter: lisapaigeNOW.

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!!

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