The Honeymoon’s Over

Sadly our honeymoon has come and gone. We had an amazing time in Greece and Turkey – saw lots of sights, made lots of memories and enjoyed every single minute!

honeymoon 4040

If you can believe it, I took around 4,000 pictures – is that too many for 2 weeks of travelling?? I was a little picture happy, but I wanted to remember everything! Even now, when we just got back last night, some of the trip feels like a blur!

honeymoon 3811

So I wanted to post and share a teeny, tiny taste of our incredible honeymoon – it is going to take me a little bit to go through all the pictures, but I am very excited to fill you in on everything we did!

 honeymoon 3671 honeymoon 4149 honeymoon 3914

Did I mention that I am obsessed with Santorini? If I suddenly stop blogging one day you can bet it’s because I ran away to live there.

 honeymoon 4205

May I also introduce you to my new happy place – Whenever I am stressed or freaking out about something, I am going to mentally escape here: Not too shabby if you ask me!


Also, the ‘moon was filled with lots of jumping shots – prepare yourself for them in my upcoming recaps. This one at sunset makes me laugh because I feel like I look a bit like a spider monkey.

honeymoon 4449

  honeymoon 2971

So yes, the wedding has come and gone (recaps coming soon – it was the best day ever!), and our honeymoon is over (I will be recapping the entire trip as well as sharing a video of all the fun we had!), but the good news now is we get to spend the rest of our lives together!

honeymoon 2055

….and they lived happily ever after!

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