The Dig Sunken Ruins: Atlantis

the dig sign
My last recap post during our Atlantis travels is from our final day on Paradise Island.  The weather wasn’t the ideal for laying out by the pool like we did on Day 1 and Day 2 so we decided to explore the marine life exhibits throughout the resort.

the dig1


The Dig Sunken Ruins is inspired by the Lost City of Atlantis. Reflecting the tunnels and thoroughfares of the lost continent; Paradise Island’s The Dig features habitats for 100 venomous Indo-Pacific Ocean Lionfish, 500 piranhas, iridescent jellyfish and six-foot Moray Eels.

big fish

The exhibit is a true wonder to experience – it’s easy to spend hours walking through the tunnels, seeing all the different types of fish & marine life – there is also access to see everything from above the water as well.

me + fish
colorful fish

The Lobster Exhibit: Featuring spiny lobster Panulirus argus and slipper lobster Scyllarides aequinoctialis. These reef dwellers grow by molting. This occurs when the shell, or exoskeleton, splits apart, exposing the new shell that has developed under it.


The JellyFish Exhibit: Featuring the purple-striped jelly Chrysaora melanaster and the moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita. These animals are 98% water and do not have a brain, central nervous system or eyes.

jellyfish1jellyfishjelly1little jellyfish

The Moray Eel Exhibit:  Eels are actually fish. The green color of these animals is produced by a yellow mucous layer, which overlays the darker blue skin. They grow to an impressive length of 6 ft.


The Clownfish Exhibit: We found Nemo!


The SeaHorse Exhibit: This small chamber houses the seahorse Hippocampus erectus exhibit. When reproducing, the female seahorse deposits her eggs inside the male’s brood pouch. The male then carries the developing babies until they are born. Seahorses have become endangered for a variety of reasons, including loss of habitat.

sea horse

Seriously, I think I took a 100+ photos of all the beautiful underwater fish! theDig

And check out the massive Spotted Eagle Ray! This bad boy was HUGE!

rayray3sting ray fin

I loved watching all the schools of fish swimming around – there were so many!

the dig

 The Dig and the Ruins Lagoon are adorned with artifacts inspired by ancient Atlantis, and is home to more than 20,000 deep reef and pelagic fish.  The 2.7 million-gallon marine exhibit is a magnificent display of rare sleek sharks and rays.

far away

Look, I made a little fishy friend. oh hey fishyhey you

the cove fish1

We also stumbled upon the Predator Lagoon which was a walk through tunnel with predator fish swimming all around you.


I could watch sharks all day, I think they are just so cool. sharksssharky
outside looking in

It was also cool to see  barracuda’s up close – I love this photo of Charles checking one out.


Pretty neat, right?


The Sawfish in the Predator Lagoon were pretty cool to see too – They use a sixth sense to help them in their hunt for fish. They stalk and locate fish using pores primarily concentrated on the upper sides of their saws, which detect the electrical field of their prey. Once their quarry is found, sawfish use their long, tooth-lined rostrum, or saw, to slash prey into pieces. What a weapon!

big sharksharks behind

But my favorite photo of us in the Dig is this one with the massive ray behind us.

You can’t plan a photo like that! 

flying ray1

Like I said before, I could get lost all day exploring the marine life at The Atlantis.

look up

But it’s also fun to come up for air & explore the grounds surrounding the resort as well. If we didn’t go exploring, we wouldn’t have found this funny sign – which cracks me up!

best sign ever

Or gotten this awesome photo op, with the bird in flight behind us! royal towers viewroyal towers view1

But every year {this is our 4th trip here!} we take a picture at this very spot, by the waterfalls – so clearly we couldn’t leave this trip without a photo at “our spot”

water fallwaterfall

After enjoying the day taking in the wonderful marine life, it was time to get ready for our last night out at the resort – we dressed up for the occasion.

charles + leslie

Check out the new maxi dress I purchased while we were out walking around the Marina – I am obsessed with the lace open back of the dress!

black dress

We headed out with another group to one of Atlantis’ newer restaurants – Chop Stix.

chopstixchopstix table

We had another great meal with wonderful people & toasted the end of the trip!

big table of food

And we may or may not have spent the last evening gettin’ lucky in the casino!


So there you have it – that’s how we spent our long weekend in Atlantis! Feel free to ask any questions if you need more information about any part of the trip – I am happy to go into more detail on our experience there!


What would be your favorite part of the Atlantis resort?


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    Thanks for sharing – all of your pics are beautiful – the resort/marine life exhibit looks absolutely wonderful!

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