For Boston..Runners Unite

My thoughts today are with Boston and all of those affected by yesterday’s horrific events. As I watch coverage of the bombing at the marathon, dedicated to the victims of Newtown, on the eve of the Virginia Tech shooting, I am at a loss for words.

As a member of the amazing running community, I can’t help but feel connected to yesterdays tragedies along the last mile of the Boston Marathon. As a marathoner myself and a spectator to others its easy to feel strongly for the people who were there running the race or supporting their loved ones on a day that should have been one full of celebration, not ending in heartbreak.

I knew many people who were at the Marathon yesterday –  some running, some supporting and others who were supposed to be at the finish line cheering, but due to a sudden change of plans were somewhere else, somewhere safe. I am thankful that the people I know were unharmed, but clearly that is not the case for so many others. I know this will remain heavy in our hearts for a long time to come.


Like so many others, Boston has always been on my Marathon List. It holds a special place in my runner’s heart. In honor of the Boston Marathon bombings I am wearing blue + yellow today, along with one of my favorite running shirts . I also just joined the Runners United to Remember group on Facebook and will be running a race in Philly this weekend for those in Boston. {feel free to do the same and check it out!}


looking for motivation? check out my friend Gina’s guest post

on what it was like to run the Boston Marathon and how running has changed her life

{image via long distance loving}


looking for inspiration?

here are 13 examples of people being awesome after yesterday’s attack


looking for ways to help?

here is a list of how you can get involved


and finally –  Boston last night, from space.

Because that’s just magical.


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  • Reply Patty O April 16, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    Well said Leslie – my heart is praying for those innocent spectators at the Boston Marathon and the Marathon Runners as well.

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