Baby Bump: 36 Weeks Pregnant

bah humbug 36 weeks36 weeks

How far along are you? 36 weeks! Wow! It’s crazy to say that I have less than 30 days being pregnant – 27 to be exact! At the end of this week I am considered Full Term, which is a great feeling! Looking back time has flown by, but at the same time I feel like I have been pregnant forever. I also feel like these last few weeks might drag on a little bit – luckily this next week from Christmas to New Years should go by somewhat quickly – fingers crossed!

How I’m feeling: Struggling this past week – my belly has become really heavy and the little things are becoming seriously difficult. Not feeling too comfortable overall. Heartburn is in full swing and my lower back is in some pain, mostly at night. I can’t really complain too much because the first 8 months were pretty uneventful, but still it’s no fun to not feel 100%, especially at Christmas! 

9 months

Pre-Baby  vs 9 Month Pregnant Body

Total weight gain: Up 3 pounds from my last appointment – 20 pounds total gained. I feel really good about where I am at and how I have been working towards a healthy pregnancy. Feels great!

How big is baby? Baby is packing on the pounds these last few weeks – at the rate of about an ounce a day – and is about the size of a head of lettuce. On average this week, most babies weigh in at over 5.5 pounds at this point in the pregnancy.

Maternity clothes: I’m crossing my fingers that the dress I wore to my VA shower zips up and I can wear it tonight for Christmas! Other than that I have been pretty much living in my favorite maternity tank tops with random flannel shirts {that don’t button}


Sleep: Looks a little something like this: Sleep > Heartburn > Sleep > Bathroom Break > Sleep > Congestion > Bathroom Break > Sleep – Repeat until morning. I’ve had a few good nights where I got a solid 4-5 hours in a row, without having to get up for anything, which was pretty awesome. Is it sad to celebrate a 4 hour sleep cycle in my 9th month of pregnancy? I don’t think so!

Best moment this week: At my OB appointment this week I had some good news of progress – I had my first internal exam {which was SUPER uncomfortable!} and I am actually already 1 cm dilated and effacement has begun! Woohoo!  It’s also crazy to say, but my doctor was able to feel the top of Baby Brinkley’s head when she examined me – aka he is LOW {hence my discomfort} I know I could be slightly dilated for weeks but I am excited that the progression towards labor has begun in my body! It makes everything seriously more real – this baby could really make an appearance any day!

cozy bump

Movement: Anytime I sit with my feet up, Baby Brinkley makes some moves. He’s been having the hiccups a lot lately too. Also during my doctor’s appointment, what I believed to be Baby Brinkley moving/shifting around – the doctor pointed out to me that it was actually Braxton Hicks contractions. I’ve been having the same feeling where my stomach hardens for weeks now & thought they were just the little guy poking out, but it’s actually practice contractions. As of now, they don’t hurt – sometimes they make me stop what I am doing and breath, but they aren’t bad.

Food cravings: Still obsessed with Five Guys cheeseburgers & Terry’s Whack Oranges

Food aversions: Chicken & randomly BBQ

36 week belly

What I Miss: I’m sort of over all the food/drink restrictions at this point – especially with the holiday family fun this week, it’s a bummer to have to miss out on certain things, but I know I can indulge my cravings sometime within the next month!

What I’m looking forward to: Baby Brink’s arrival! I got to see my parents again this weekend – I haven’t seen my dad since my Virginia baby shower – and he is convinced Baby Brinkley will be here within the next two weeks! My mom thinks he will be here early too, because both my brother & myself were 2 weeks early with her. We shall see – all I want is to make it to January and then I am good to go whenever!

Milestone: Charles & I went to Breastfeeding Class & Preparation for Childbirth class this past week! It was a very busy & educational few days. I am so glad that we went to both classes as I do feel more prepared for the Big Day.

childbirth class

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  • Reply Patty O December 27, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    Getting super excited for the Baby Brinks appearance! You look fabulous – hang in there sweetie!

  • Reply Molly McMollyton March 12, 2015 at 8:04 pm

    Just curious…did you have a boy? It looked like you were carrying a boy…please let me know. Thanks. You can just reply in the comments…

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