Brooks’ Birth Story – Part 1

This is a tough one to write.

I’ve been thinking about how I would share this on the blog since I first walked into the hospital that Tuesday morning. It’s hard to really share such an amazingly incredible {and painful} life changing event that I will never ever forget – so difficult to put that day into words, but I want to be able to look back at this post years from now and bring myself back to that day. Plus I want to be able to share it with everyone who has been with me on my pregnancy journey from the very beginning!


41 weeks pregnant & ready to have this baby!

So I am going to try my best to share Brooks’ birth story with you – It’s a long one & I’m not going to sugar coat it for you, but {spoiler} it has a happy ending.

It all started at 8am on Tuesday, January 28th – at 41 weeks pregnant I had an induction scheduled that morning. I had been told for weeks & weeks I wouldn’t make it to my due date, but January 21st came and went with no baby. I had wanted so badly to go into labor on my own, but apparently Baby Brooks was too comfortable in my belly to come out on his own – so my doctor believed an induction would be best to get the labor process started, as my little man was beginning to overstay his welcome.

Sweet View

a beautiful day with a nice view to have a baby

We got to the hospital, brought all my labor bag essentials and I was immediately hooked up to the monitors. The nurse told me she believed I was already in the early stages of labor because I was contracting so much from the get go, even though I couldn’t feel anything {which was awesome}.I started off the morning at 3cm dilated / 80% effaced, very thin / 0 station – I was told our baby would be making his appearance that day {which ended up being not the case!} I was also given a Bishop’s score of 12, out of 13, which predicted that I would have a successful induction resulting in a successful vaginal birth.


We discussed initially breaking my water from the get-go but didn’t want to be under the 24-hour countdown for a potential c-section, just in case things didn’t progress more on their own. So I was started on the lowest possible dosage of pitocin which brought on contractions 3-4 minutes apart, but I was still unable to feel them.

The hope was that the pitocin would help jump start my body into active labor on it’s own & then they could stop the pitocin & let my body do it’s thing – but that never happened. Every 30 – 60 minutes the nurse would up my pitocin levels – Charles & I were hanging out in the labor room, watching TV & updating our families {even though there was nothing to update at this point} – it was a fairly uneventful morning in the hospital. I enjoyed {sense my sarcasm} a clear liquid tray, shown below, for lunch and continued to wait for the real action to begin.

Liquid Lunch

a clear liquid tray aka my lunch & dinner

Around 2:00pm – after being in the hospital for 6 hours, I began to feel some increased back pressure & pain – it got pretty uncomfortable very quickly & while I wanted to “feel labor” it was always in my plan to have an epidural so we decided sooner was better than later. The nurse said it could help my body relax a bit & let labor do it’s thing.

I got the epidural around 2:45pm & OMG that needle in my spine was not enjoyable. The anesthesiologist shot me up with a numbing injection first – but you have to sit hunched over, while having contractions during the injection – not to mention having a needle put in your spine is pretty scary – but for me it was better than feeling each and every contraction, which were getting more painful by the minute.

Hospital Room

our labor & delivery room

After the epidural I felt a lot better – my pitocin was upped {again} and a catheter was inserted, which I couldn’t feel but still freaked me out a bit – but it ended up being awesome since I didn’t have to get up every 5 minutes to pee {because I couldn’t get up due to the epidural affecting my ability to walk!}

At 4:00pm my progress was checked again and much to my dismay, little progress was made – I was only 4-5 cm dilated, but now 100% effaced / -1 station. I was bummed that baby had moved back a bit from 0 to -1 station, but the nurse said that was normal and he was still very low. At this point I was also administered some Benadryl because the epidural was making me itchy – this made me pretty drowsy & I was in and out of naps for a few hours. Around 5:30pm I had my bloody show – which was super messy & way more gross than I could have ever imagined. At this point I was contracting regularly every 2 minutes, which was a good sign things were moving along  in the right direction – my pitocin was upped again & I was given another clear liquid tray for dinner {yum}

Pre Epidural

bringing sexy back post epidural 

At 7:00pm we had a nurse shift change – this would be my 3rd nurse change of the day – each one was confident that Baby Brinkley would make an appearance on her shift, but they were wrong. Our 7:00pm nurses would be with us until 7:00am – working their 12 hour shift – and they were 100% confident that we would have a baby during that time {wrong again} It was a bummer to get to know each nurse & get attached to them a bit only to have them leave in the middle of labor, but the all nurses were amazing.

At 8:30pm I was checked again & my progress was nothing to get excited about – I was still 5cm dilated / 100% effaced / -1 station and was super disappointed. I had been in the hospital for 12 hours at this point, had nothing to eat & was getting very frustrated. I was also very uncomfortable from the epidural – it mainly numbed my left side more than my right and the feeling of being uneven freaked me out, I had to attempt to keep moving my legs for my own sanity, but my legs were bothering me like this most of the night. I was still very itchy & was given some more Benadryl for relief & also with the hope that it would allow me to get some rest.


Around 9:00pm Charles & I both really tried to get some rest, because we knew we were likely going to have a very busy night ahead of us. He tried to get some sleep on this sad little chair that extended out & I tried to ignore the feeling in my numbed up legs and rest up as well. Needless to say neither of us got much sleep as my comfort level continued to get worse – I had this insane pressure building up in my back that continued to get worse with each passing hour. The anesthesiologist came back into check on me and gave me a bolus to help with the pain, but it didn’t seem to do much good.

The View

please note the sad, small, uncomfortable chair {that gave crazy static} Charles slept in

Around 12:30 I was checked again for progress and had moved along to 7cm dilated- it felt like I had come so far and still had an insanely long way to go. At this point the pain was unimaginable and I was loosing my mind freaking out. I knew something was wrong because where I had been unable to move my left leg most of the day, I was now able to completely lift it up on my own – I started freaking out & was sure my epidural had fallen out. The nurse called the anesthesiologist back to my room {which took forever} and I was out of my mind in pain – I’m pretty sure she just thought I was being dramatic but I told her about my legs & asked her to check my epidural.

Sure enough it had fallen out & I had to get a second epidural injection….

Check out Part 2 of Brooks’ Birth Story.

Hospital Bed

i enjoyed this pregnant woman icon on my adjustable bed.

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  • Reply Amber at Love, Laugh, Live Well February 10, 2014 at 2:36 pm

    I can’t wait to hear more! I definitely know how you feel without the epidural. I didn’t have any pain meds during my delivery because he came so fast — ouch!

  • Reply Sabrina February 10, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    Can’t wait to keep reading!

  • Reply Heidi @ Idlehide February 10, 2014 at 6:58 pm

    You poor thing!! The epidural fell out?? The relief I felt when I got mine was worth a million dollars, even though it was totally scary getting it. Thank you for sharing your story, can’t wait for part II !

  • Reply sara@runninginpinkproject February 10, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    This is totally amazing and totally freaking me out. We are in trying for baby mode and all Birth stories make me so happy and yet terrified out of my mind. 🙂

  • Reply Patty O February 10, 2014 at 8:08 pm

    Poor Baby Girl! I had no idea what you really went through cause we never really talked about it in detail. Can’t wait to read Part II. You’re a real Trooper!

  • Reply Ashley O. February 13, 2014 at 9:33 pm

    oh god! I hated the epidural.
    I just had my baby Jan 23rd, so everything is still so fresh in my mind too!
    I hated the epidural, he went to stick me with the numbing medicine and I kind of jerked- which in turn freaked me out, I started crying, trying to “RELAX” like they kept saying. I tried to get my husband to take my mind off of it- but when your having a contraction, the natural instinct is to tense up plus you know something is about to hurt your back… ugh! I get mad just thinking about it again!

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