We Are Going to Disney World!

Smiley with MickeyYes, you read that right.

We are going to Walt Disney World.

{This Friday}

With a three month old.

Are we crazy? {don’t answer that!}

Disney Passes

So here’s the deal – you know how we have been to Atlantis, in the Bahamas a few times over the years? We have gone 4 times, all with Charles’ company who sends everyone along with their significant others and families on a long weekend trip to soak up the sun & relax. {read more about all of our trips here} This year many of the people in the company have young children, so they have decided to treat everyone to a long weekend in Walt Disney World!

Magic BandOur MagicBands

When we first heard about the timing of this year’s trip we weren’t exactly thrilled. We knew our little guy would be 3 months old at that time and we weren’t sure if we could really go and make it work. Or if it would just be more of a hassle altogether than anything else. Charles has been a little more on the fence about going than I have been – but for me I figured it would be a welcomed change of scenery and even if all we do is walk around the parks, I still think it will be fun!

Here are a few of my traveling concerns – Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

Bands of Magic


I have to admit that I am completely overwhelmed about traveling {in general} with an infant.

I started the packing process this weekend & have piles of what he will definitely need, what he might need & extras of everything. I know Disney is kid friendly and anything I forget we will likely be able to access fairly easily. It’s just a little stressful getting everything in order and trying to prepare for any possible scenario.


I’m a little nervous about traveling on a plane with an infant.

I am planning on nursing him at takeoff and landing to avoid him having pressure build-up in his ears & {hopefully} keep him comfortable. And he usually is a pretty good baby, but you just never know. I’m crossing my fingers.


Baby Sweets

I really don’t want to be the parent who’s kid poops the pool.

Did you know that the smallest size of swim diapers is for babies starting at 16 pounds? Bummer because Brooks is just shy of 14 pounds {I think} at this point so I’m sort of scratching my head as to what to do with that because we want to be able to take him in the pool at the resort for a little bit. I got him this reusable swim diaper that I might put OVER the swimmers in an attempt to keep everything in. Crossing my fingers here.


I’m having serious stroller concerns.

Traveling with the perfect stroller is stressing me out. We have our everyday stroller option, which I love, has awesome storage & with the car seat attached, Brooks naps like a champ in it. But I recently purchased an umbrella stroller that is super lightweight and easy to travel with. I’m hesitant about bringing our normal stroller because I think the carseat could be cumbersome and hot, but at the same time, Brooks always seems comfortable in it. At Disney we will have to take Brooks out of the carseat on the buses and folding up our normal stroller will be bigger and heavier than the umbrella {car seats aren’t allowed on the buses at Disney and I will be wearing Brooks}. The umbrella has bigger sun shade blockage {as we won’t be bringing the regular Cruz seat with the extra sun shades if we bring the carseat} but it doesn’t have as big of a storage underneath. He seems comfortable in both strollers but I’m really not sure which would be the better travel option – Our regular stroller with carseat attached or a more travel-friendly umbrella stroller? Help!


Brooks loves Mickey

I have zero expectations for this trip

Charles and I have been to Disney World somewhat recently {in 2010 for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon & in 2009 for a trip just the two of us – more on both those trips here} so we really don’t have any crazy desire or need to go on every ride. We’ve had our Disney experience together and now this one will be our first {but not last!} as a family. I’m going to try to relax and go with the flow and keep this trip as low key as possible!


Smiles with Mickey


Do you have any words of wisdom for me as we experience our first trip traveling with an infant?!

Please share! 


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  • Reply Desiree April 28, 2014 at 10:22 am

    Have fun! We went to Disney with my son when he was one… so different from your situation, but maybe helpful experiences? First, we took our regular stroller. We have the City Mini. Not sure how that compares with your regular stroller, but it wasn’t much of a hassle at all. We obv. didn’t use a car seat with the stroller as my son was one, though. But if Brooks can be in an umbrella stroller without a car seat, couldn’t he be in the regular stroller without a car seat?

    Also, I was still nursing my son at Disney. I found they have nursing rooms which were really nice because we were able to get ourselves out of t heat for a little while to nurse and comfortably change a diaper.

  • Reply Dana April 28, 2014 at 11:12 am

    Awesome! Have fun!
    Having traveled with my baby, I would recommend your regular stroller to travel with, the airport security is familiar with strollers, especially in Orlando and they help you fold it up and get it through security. At the gate, you will need to get a gate-check tag from the gate agent for the stroller and then leave it at the end of the ramp before you board and after you get off you may have to wait for it to be brought up. If you can schedule flights around sleeping times that helps baby sleep on the plane. We haven’t had any issues with the ears popping and she has fallen asleep on every flight.

    As for the carseat, you may not need it, buses and cabs don’t require a carseat. If Brooks has a seat on the plane you can must use it but it has to clearly state on the car seat that it is FAA approved for use (some don’t have this). If Brooks is your lap child you will have to get his boarding pass at the checkin counter. You can also check the carseat for free at checkin and the stroller too if you wanted to carry him the rest of the way through the airport.
    As for packing, think of your daily routine and what you use, how many diaper changes, bottles, onesies etc., take that amount per day plus a little back up. If you check your baggage, it doesn’t matter about the liquid sizes, etc. Just check the weight on your scale and make sure its not too heavy!
    Hope this helps! Have fun! You’ll be fine! He’ll be great!

  • Reply Laura E April 28, 2014 at 11:13 am

    Love WDW.. Enjoy.. It has been a while traveling with a young one. I would recommend traveling with a stroller that will allow your young one to sleep in the stroller. Many times that we found a quiet corner to sit and rest and our Daughter would sleep in the stroller. We would people watch as she napped. Of course she was very good about sleeping in noisy places. I found umbrella strollers to be too hard to maneuver and hurt by back to push, as I hunched over to reach the handles (I am 5’8”) . You want to make sure your stroller can easily collapse to ride Disney transportation (Buses).

  • Reply Lauri April 28, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    I’m not sure what resort you’re staying at, but you can order from Amazon and have items shipped to your resort so you have less to pack – I’m talking about diapers, wipes, etc. I guess for a long weekend it wouldn’t take up a ton of space to pack, but something to think about – Having that stuff delivered instead of packing it!
    Also, there are local companies that rent strollers and deliver them right to your resort if you don’t want to pack a stroller.

  • Reply Patty O April 28, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    Brooks looks ready to go! Having no expectations and going with the flow is how you need to think. Don’t stress out, you’ll be fine! I read above the idea of renting a stroller, that might be the way to go, otherwise I vote for the umbrella one, it’s lighter for your hubby to haul around in the heat!

  • Reply Regina April 30, 2014 at 4:50 am

    The first time we traveled with our oldest son he was 3 months old and it was from our home in DC to my husbands hometown of Austin, TX (a 4 hour plane ride). Honestly this is the perfect time to Travel with a little one. They’re still at an age where they’re not mobile, they’re comfortable sitting (and sleeping) for long periods and are generally predictable (eat, sleep, change, repeat). So much better than traveling with a toddler who hates sitting still. We utilized family boarding so we could try to get a row to ourselves and used the middle seat for diaper changes. I nursed at takeoff and landing. We brought the boppy and it made life a million times easier. So comfortable for nursing and for our son to sleep comfortably in my arms. The first time we traveled at 3months he slept both ways. We brought a few toys for distractions too but didn’t really need them.

    As for a stroller we bought a cheap umbrella one but ended up bringing our BOb. Giant? Yes but it was well worth it. So easy to maneuver and we used it to hold our car seat, diaper bag and other carry ons. So glad we brought it and haven’t traveled without it since (our oldest is now 20 months old). Use the ergo (or favorite easy to use carrier) in the airport. You can go through security with baby without having to wake him up, more him, readjust, etc. they’ll just swab your hands at security to make sure he’s not a tiny bomb.

    We first took our son swimming at 4 months old and used a reusable swim diaper over a regular disposable. At 4 months he was in a size medium and it was on the small side (the Finis diaper on amazon). I highly recommend it. We have it in all the sizes actually that we used it for as he grew. And he pooped in it but it held it all in! I will say this way though makes for an uncomfortable baby after a long time since the disposable absorbs the pool water.

    Also for the stroller we just gate checked the stroller and car seat which worked out really well.

  • Reply eedawson April 30, 2014 at 1:41 pm

    Leslie, make sure you check out the info about Baby Care Centers at WDW! They are a great place to nurse, get out of the heat, do any changes, etc! – https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/baby-care-centers/

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