Brooks’ Favorite Things: 5 Months Old

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Brooks’ Favorite things are getting so much more fun each month. The more mobile he gets & the closer he gets to sitting up on his own makes it so much fun to watch him learn and play. I’ve been so lucky with the amount of friends & neighbors close by that have little ones a few months older than Brooks. Everyone has been so amazing & generous with passing along their baby gear as their babies outgrow it, which is so awesome for us because then we don’t have to buy OR store it {baby gear is super bulky!}

Here are a few of Brooks’ favorite things at 5 months old –


Five Months Old

1- This Kick & Play Piano Gym was another item that was passed along from a friend, and while it’s something Brooks used more when he wasn’t rolling all over the place, he still loves to play the piano with his feet! He kicks up a storm and loves making the sounds – it’s also going to be great when he can sit up because then the piano folds up and he can play the music with his hands! So fun!

2- Brooks loves the Winkel – it’s easy for him to grab on to, is colorful and you can freeze it for soothing teething issues too {which we haven’t done yet, but totally will!}. It’s made by the same company that makes the Skwish {on of B’s favorite wooden toys!}

3- Ok, we don’t actually have this whale bathtub shown in the picture, we have this one, which we borrowed from a neighbor {but I couldn’t find a good photo of it, but the whale is basically the same thing}. I never really wanted to buy a big bulky bathtub because we don’t have space to store it and it would really only be used for a short time, but the baby bather I did buy {this one – because it was very compact & easy to store!} was easy to use in the first few months when Brooks wasn’t moving around much. Now he loves kicking and splashing and we needed something different. This bathtub has a great baby stopper which keeps Brooks above water but allows him to play. When he is able to sit up we will remove the stopper and it will still be a great little tub just for him!

4 – The elephant obsession continues…but this one was too cute to pass up! It’s made of breathable materials which are safe for baby but it also has a fun rattle in it, that Brooks loves and it crinkles too – which is apparently all the rage in the world of a 5 month old.

5- The Cuddle & Squeak Koala is all sorts of adorable. The baby koala is removable and includes a teether and he squeaks – so cute!

6- I like toys that are easy for Brooks to pick up and won’t hurt him when he inevitably tries to shove it in his mouth, however big it may be. This ball is soft, bendable and has little rattles throughout which makes a fun sound. It’s easy for Brooks to pick up with his hands {or his toes!}

7- A neighbor down by my parents house {who has a 2 year old and just had twins!} just let us borrow this doorway jumper. I was a little unsure about using one of these for Brooks but he loves it AND its easy to pack up and take with us on our travels.

8- Brooks got this mirror in his Easter basket and he loves it. He loves all mirrors in general but this one is great because you can easily stand it up on the floor or attach it to the crib. It also has a rattle spin ball & crinkle leaves that Brooks enjoys too.

9- A neighbor friend dropped this off right after our 4 month appointment a few weeks ago, which also happened to be right after our pediatrician told us to get Brooks one of these things to hang out in. He loves all the music the Exercauser makes and it totally keeps him entertained for a while!


What’s your little one currently loving?


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  • Reply Kristin July 15, 2014 at 10:49 am

    My little guy is also 5 months old and our list is pretty similar. Thanks for the tip on freezing the winkel! I had no idea, but that’s genius. I can’t wait to try it! Carter is starting to teeth (oh joy!) and he LOVES Sophie the Giraffe. Everyone raved about that toy. I didn’t see what was so amazing about it but got it as a shower gift, and Carter is obsessed with it. He also loves a wet wash cloth tossed in the freezer for a minute to chew on when his gums are really bothering him. He also likes the exersaucer at his babysitter’s. We have the jumperoo at home and he just figured out how to jump and has a ball!

  • Reply Kat July 15, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    Hi Leslie! Just wondering how Brooks is doing with solids so far. I am trying baby led weaning with my 6 month old too and it’s so fun to watch him eat! He doesn’t get a whole lot of food- it mostly ends up on his face or the floor, but we’re getting there!

    • Reply Leslie July 15, 2014 at 2:24 pm

      Hi Kat – we haven’t really started solids yet, waiting another week or two – not for any reason really other than my parents are bringing out high chair up from VA! I’m excited and nervous about it ! Glad you are having fun with it!

  • Reply Patty O July 15, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    All I can say is that Brooks is one lucky little boy to have some many awesome choices to play and amuse him!

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