My Nursing Favorites 7 Months Later

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to breastfeed my baby boy exclusively since the very beginning. We are 7 months + {almost 8!} into this whole song and dance we call nursing and, for the most part, it’s been a really great experience.

**In related news -> THIS ARTICLE is a interesting one about how Breastfeeding May Boost a Mom’s Health as Much as Her Baby’s as it may reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.**

Today I wanted to share with you what I currently can’t live without, in my nursing world. A while ago, when I first started this nursing gig, I shared with you my Breastfeeding Essentials – but that was when Brooks was 2 months old. Some things have changed since that post {and a few have stayed the same} but I thought it would be fun to touch base on the things I have really found useful the past 7 months!


nursing favorites

1- Lanolin cream is necessary for any nursing mother, because believe me -> it’s going to hurt. Boob Ease is also another awesome option. If you are in serious pain {like I was a month ago} my doctor prescribed me an all purpose nipple ointment, which had Ibuprofen in it – and that really helped when times were tough!

2- This adorable pajama set is a must have – I have two of them because I love them so much. They are so soft & comfortable and having the button down shirt is nice for nighttime feedings. It’s a great price too!

3- These cotton + bamboo fleece + flax seeds therapy soothing pillows might be the best things I got for nursing, especially in the beginning. And these nursing pads have also been just as essential as my nursing tanks – I love that they are reusable & they are great for stopping leaks but also for keeping any cream I apply after feedings from getting on my clothes – because that stuff stains! Plus they are SUPER soft!

4- In pumping related favorites, I love this drying rack on the occasion that Brooks gets a bottle.

5- I am in love with this nursing bra – It comes in other basic colors, but the nude has been great for me to wear with everything.

6- I still use this pillow overnight {and I’m NOT pregnant} It’s so comfy & cozy and it’s great when I nurse Brooks to help keep him comfortable too. I’m obsessed – is it wrong to love a pillow?

7- I have also really loved this nursing cover – it’s been great to have in my diaper bag & use when necessary!

8- These are my favorite nursing tanks – I have pretty much lived in them the past 7+ months – I have 2 black, 2 grey & 2 white and they have held up really well with all the washing & wearing. They have great padding in the front cups that I really like.

9- This water bottle has been by my side for MONTHS – I’m obsessed with it {check out my review here} – nursing makes you very thirsty & this 40 oz bottle does the trick.


Do YOU have any nursing favorites to share?!

I’d love to heard about your essentials!


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    Loved the article on Moms and Breastfeeding – hadn’t realized how beneficial it was for mom! Thanks for sharing!

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