Nine Months with Brooks

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9 months

These baby pictures in the chair are getting WAY harder to take each week.

Little man is on the move and won’t. sit. still.

Here’s what 95% of the pictures I try to take of him each week end up looking like:


A big ol’ blur! I’m lucky I get any pictures of Brooks because he’s always on the go!

Growth – We had our 9 month doctors apportionment a few days early last week and we have all the fun stats to share! Brooks is 20 lbs. on the dot, 28.5 inches and his head size is 17.75. He’s up 2.5 pounds from his 6 month appointment and he is right along the 50th percentile for everything. The doctor says he is perfectly average & I’m cool with that.

Even though most days I swear he weighs way more than 20 pounds!

9 month

Feeding – We are doing well on the feeding front over here. Still more and more food each day. I swear he sleeps way better when he eats more food during the day, it’s something I’ve been noticing the past week so I’ve been really making sure he’s been eating enough, especially in the afternoon & evenings! Still going strong with the nursing exclusively but he’s really only nursing about 4 times each day – when he wakes up, after his first nap, before/after his second nap depending on time and before bed. Some days he’s more into food, other days he’s more into me. It’s always changing and I expect that.


Baby Led Weaning – BLW is still a very messy and exciting venture for us. While we are still technically going the baby led weaning route, I have done some spoon feedings for meals that are hard for him to eat himself. Sometimes he lets me feed him and likes it, other times he pulls the spoon in himself – either way, as long as he’s eating, I’m cool with it.

We have used a few of the organic baby food pouches on occasion – I have a few on hand incase B doesn’t like dinner for some reason, I also keep one in my diaper bag for emergencies. I do use this dispensing spoon which attaches to the pouch, so Brooks can still control the feeding in terms of how much & how fast. But for the most part of Brooks’ meals he has some of or a variation of what we are eating, and it’s been working really well for us to all eat together.

vintage chair

Sleeping – We *just* got back in a good place in terms of sleeping. Brooks had a bit of a setback last month, where he was waking up at 3am – for the day! – for about 2 weeks. Then he started “sleeping in” until 5, which is still really early but worlds better than 3am. This past week he randomly started sleeping in until 6/6:30 and I feel so much more like a human it’s insane. I’m crossing my fingers he continues this sleep pattern for another few weeks – He’s still going down around 7pm and I try to be in bed/asleep around 9 most nights.

All I know is I’m grateful for the past week of sleep. It makes me a very happy mama & Brooks is way happier when he has a good night sleep. Cross your fingers it continues like this for me.


Naps – When Brooks started letting himself sleep in a bit his naps became a bit more predictable as well. When he sleeps in until 6/6:30 he usually is back down around 8:30/9 for a nap – which usually lasts around 1.5 hours. Then he will be up & ready to go until around 2 for another nap, usually lasting 1 hour. It’s so much better for me when he’s on a bit of a schedule we can predict – so much easier to keep everyone happy & I can actually plan a thing or two!

The doctor said he will likely drop his morning nap around 1 year – everyone else have that same experience? Any words of wisdom?


Clothes – All I have to say is that the above picture of Brooks kills me. His Fall wardrobe is seriously killer. But I will also say that he’s still a little all over the place with his sizing of what he’s wearing. He still has some 6 month clothes that fit him well – I’m trying to get our final wears out of his smaller clothes & them pack them up. It felt good packing up all his summer clothes because he got a lot of really good use out of them!


Jackson & Brooks – Nothing really new to report here. Brooks is obsessed with Jackson and chases him all around the house {lovingly} and Jackson only gives Brooks the time of day when he has a snack. I think Brooks knows that he can get Jackson to like him a little more when there is food involved because he is always looking down from his high chair with food in his hands and clearly tossing some down to the dog.

These two are going to be trouble.

I can’t wait for it!


Loves – Brooks has so much to love at the moment because he is into everything. He is pulling up on everything and loves being able to see the world from a new perspective. I think he really loves using his legs and he has already taken a few {assisted} steps. He’s going to be cruising very soon!


Loves {cont’d} – In the past month, Brooks has also become a champion crawler. He is FAST and loves to change direction in the blink of an eye. He also learned to clap the past week and when you say “How Big is Brooks?” He throws his hands into the air. It’s the cutest.clap clap

But BY FAR his best new trick { is it weird to call the new things he learns to do a trick?!} is that when I ask for a kiss, he gives me a big, sloppy, open mouth, wet kiss. It’s amazing. I can’t get enough.

with my love

Highlights – Learning to kiss mom {duh}, Uncle Mike + Aunt Joan’s Engagement Party in Virginia, visiting the Pumpkin Patch, being put into a pumpkin{by Aunt Kate!}, Boo at the Zoo, climbing the stairs and just more PLAY in general! Little man loves to explore and play with everything – it’s a really fun and adorable age.  We also took a Baby Music Class at Nest Philly and Brooks loved it!


Here are a few more {ok, maybe a little more than a few, but it’s hard to pick a favorite!} of my favorite pictures of my little man from the past month. favoriteblissboneslaughbooplaytimefiercestairs toes pre walker nestbutternutpumpkinbaby pumpkinfamily

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  • Reply Jessica@TWB October 27, 2014 at 10:03 am

    You’ll know when it’s time to drop to one nap when he starts taking either the AM nap or PM nap pretty consistently. For is it was right after the first bday. You’ll likely do an earlier lunch with the one nap after that – sometimes lunch was at like 10:45 haha. Dropping to one nap is actually awesome because it frees up your day so much more. You can do a longer AM activity and a longer PM activity, too.

  • Reply Patty O October 27, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    Brooks is really adjusting beautifully – Love how he is so eager to learn everything and so happy with himself! Can’t say enough good things about my Sweet Angel!!

  • Reply kiersten October 27, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    I love all your pictures! So fun watching a little boy grow. Our morning naps are STILL GOING STRONG which is super frustrating because all the fun toddler activities are in the morning! I’ll drag the girls to them anyway but they are always a hot mess later.
    Question for you – we usually eat when the girls do too – 6 PMish but it leaves me STARVING come 8/9PM. What do you do??? I miss our old 7:30 dinner time!

    • Reply Leslie October 28, 2014 at 9:06 am

      Kiersten, Depends on the night & the dinner. Charles gets home from work around 6:15 and I usually try to feed Brooks before he gets home so they can play a bit together before bedtime. Brooks usually has a bit of what we are having, which I give to him early & then Charles & I have dinner around 7:30. If I eat earlier with Brooks a little wine & chocolate calls my name later in the evening! Ha!

  • Reply Genevieve October 27, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    I love reading Brooks’ monthly updates! He is so smilie an adorable! And I agree- the fall wardrobe is killer. My daughter is two weeks younger than Brooks, so I look forward to her new “tricks” coming soon.
    I also had her sleeping through the night last month for about three weeks and was so hopeful about it. She’s back to one wake up a night at around 3:30. I think it’s her ploy to stay an only child as long as possible. : )

    • Reply Leslie October 28, 2014 at 9:03 am

      Genevieve – that comment made me laugh! so true!

  • Reply Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine October 27, 2014 at 2:06 pm

    I feel like you post these every week! He is growing so fast! XOXO

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