Baby Music Class at Nest Philly

Brooks is at that age {10 months next week!} where he is into everything, constantly moving and always on the go. It’s a great age because he’s becoming so interactive, inquisitive and fun – it’s great to watch and he’s a joy to play with.


He’s also a very social little guy – he loves being around other babies! He loves to play and watch them and it’s hilarious to see little ones interact with each other. And since I stay at home with him and he isn’t in daycare interacting with other little ones on a regular basis, it’s important for me to make sure we are doing social things with other little babes. bam

So when our Hatchlings Class at Nest Philly came to an end, I knew we were going to sign up for another session – it was hard to decide what class to take, but I am SO glad I went with Baby Music Class!


From Nest: Baby Music Class – for children 6 weeks to 12 months – Our popular music class, for babies! Circle time with live music, age-appropriate props, and instruments is the perfect setting to bond with your child and foster an early love of music. Come relax with us in this musical, 50-minute program which includes a variety of music to lift your spirits and quiet your mind.parachute

Nest isn’t the most convenient place for us, since we live in Fairmount – it’s about a 1.5+ mile walk each way, but it’s a great way to spend the day with nice weather. I love walking in the city with Brooks – he loves being in the stroller and taking in the sights and I love being out and about moving!


Back to Music Class -> Each week I would look forward to taking Brooks to his music class – it was such a fun time to spend together. We would sing songs, dance, play with instruments and he would love rolling around with other little ones.

I also really feel good about him playing at Nest – I feel like they take care of their space there & it’s very clean, warm and inviting. In each of the classes it’s socks only {they are more lenient on the babies, since they don’t walk!} – but for older kids and for adults too, its no shoes, only socks – and you know how I feel about that.

guitar class

But aside from the fun atmosphere and decor, the Nest music class was just too much fun.

I can’t wait to sign up for another class next session  -> I’m thinking Toddler in Training might be the perfect fit for my little monkey!



What’s the best baby class you’ve been too?

Please share!


And for your viewing pleasure, here are some more of my favorite photos of Brooks having a blast at Nest:


Nest Ballsmusiccolors
baby bowtieraining colorsdrumsbubblesjoy

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  • Reply Kay @ November 25, 2014 at 1:10 pm

    I love reading all of your baby updates! We’re expecting our little girl in January. It’s so exciting to read about what we can expect as she ages! 9 to 10 months really does seem like a fun time! Cute photos!

    • Reply Leslie November 26, 2014 at 6:36 am

      Thanks for following along Kay! Good luck your last few weeks of pregnancy!

  • Reply Patty O November 26, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    I loved watching Brooks at his NEST class – he thoroughly loved being there!
    He’s an Aquarius – that’s why he is social – just like Grams!

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