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I’m so excited for Brooks’ First Christmas, I can’t even tell you! Clearly we have been going a little nuts this Holiday season {Brooks has seen Santa 5 times! #sorryimnotsorry }, but when you have a baby it’s so fun to make everything extra special just for him. I am already getting excited for next Christmas when he knows a little more of what is actually going on and can enjoy it all a bit more, but this first Christmas is going to be all sorts of special. We are lucky that we have both our families so close in distance that we get to spend some time with both my side and my husband’s side – it’s great that Brooks gets to see just about everyone this Christmas!

Today, it being Christmas Eve, I wanted to give a little sneak peak of our holiday home. I’ve always been a fan of keeping it simple and classic. And now that we have a little one I already know that I am going to be decorating a bit more and more every year. I already have my eye on a few things I want to pick up during the after Christmas sales!

So without further ado, here is what our home is looking like, this Holiday season:


I love a real & fresh wreath. It smells so good when you walk in and out the door. Plus you don’t have to store it at the end of the season! Win! We picked up this wreath at a local store and I added a dollar store ribbon! Double Win! I love how our entryway looks with the new mirrors we recently hung!


I’m also sort of obsessed with how our stairway & stockings decor turned out too! I love the garland and lights on the stairs, it looks so nice at night and gives a soft, calming glow.

Disclosure: Not pregnant – that 4th stocking is Jackson’s, duh. 


We don’t have room for a full nativity set – probably wouldn’t be safe anywhere with a little man toddling around either! –  but I do love my Jim Shore Nativity Angel. Plus the photo of Brooks with Santa {not crying!} makes me smile too.

nativity and santa

I think my favorite new addition to our Christmas decor this year would have to be our holiday card holder! I love sending {and receiving!} holiday photo cards from friends and family and I love even more having a fun way to display them & being able to see them as part of our decor!

holiday cards

Plus I think it looks really cool.

I might use this card holder display for other seasons too – it would also make a cool centerpiece as well.

cards1 cards123

I have it propped up on some coasters to make it a little more out of reach from my little man! Ha!

holiday card holder

A sneak peek inside Brooks’ stocking -> this little plush, elephant which can tie onto the stroller/carseat & it holds the pacifier as well! Brooks hasn’t attached to any toy or blanket other than his elephant wubabub – but I’m thinking once he starts to transition away from the pacifier, this can sort of be a stand in, maybe? We shall see!


Oh! And we decided to go with “Mom” & “Dad” on our new stockings – Charles says that from now on in terms of Christmas & Santa we are mom & dad with Brooks so we went that route, but it was a tough decision!

Do you have mom & dad on your stockings or your names?

mom dad

I’ve also always loved my little countdown to Christmas Snowman calendar that also doubled as a card holder in the past, but since we are now displaying our cards I’m in the market for a new advent calendar! Know any good ones?


And now for the main event – our tree!

tree corner

I like to consider myself a master tree decorator. I love taking out the ornaments and lights and finding the perfect spot on the tree for them. Ornament spacing is key!

our treered ball

We have a red & white theme with some pops of silver too. I like to keep the tree decor sort of toned down & classic. I also have a collection of White House ornaments – which my parents have gotten for me every year since I was born, that I love to decorate the tree with. The White House ornaments also make awesome gifts!


SideNote: Check out our Instantly Framed photo in the background we finally hung!

instantly framed

Last year Charles & I went through all our ornaments and decided to only keep the ones that meant something to us. That’s another reason why I love spending time decorating the tree, because it’s fun to relive special memories with each ornament!

Shown below: Jackson’s paw print, 2008 White House ornament & a Christmas Koala {from when I studied abroad in Australia}


Crate & Barrel ornaments & the Container Store after Christmas  sales make me happy! Majority of our ornaments are from those stores that I have picked up after the holidays over the years.

I will totally be hitting them up again this year!

tree dog

Brooks’ first Christmas ornament. An elephant, duh.


I love this little Jim Shore Santa and I’m obsessed with these gold beaded pinecones. I have a bunch of them all over the tree, might add some more to my collection since they are on sale now too!

pinecone red and white

Also, winter beer scented candles are always a good idea {and a good last minute stocking stuffer for the man in your life too!}

winter cheers

I also recently picked up this recycled wood votive candleholder – I’ve been on the hunt for one like this forever! I plan on leaving it out way beyond this holiday season and just changing out the candles.

Paired with roses that Charles surprised me with – in honor of my CBSPhilly interview – in my favorite flower vase under our wall mirror {both wedding gifts that I still love so much!}


I also put some glass ornaments, which we couldn’t have on the tree this year {I blame the baby} in a Hurricane holder – which is awesome for all sorts of decorating. It’s a nice little pop of holiday decor in our windows – safely away from the little one.

ornaments ornament holderI have a few other things that in the kitchen & bathrooms, but nothing too exciting!


How do you decorate for the holidays?

Do you go all out or keep it simple?


I’m off to celebrate Brooks’ First Christmas with the family! I hope your holidays are filled with lots of love {and a few good gifts too!}

Here’s our 2014 Holiday Card – featured a few of my favorite photos from our recent trip to NYC:

our holiday card


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  • Reply Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine December 24, 2014 at 8:49 am

    I love the stockings and the tree! Everything is beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and your family Leslie! XOXOXO

  • Reply mary matheson December 24, 2014 at 9:24 am

    You might try Fisher Price for a hands on Nativity. I purchased my daughter one several years ago, and she still displays it at Christmas.

  • Reply Katie D December 24, 2014 at 10:30 am

    I Bought a Little People nativity set! Perfect for displaying and 100% safe for playing!!

  • Reply Gina December 24, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Love it! I definately thought there were 5 stockings. I thought you were trying to pull a fast one. #Christmascountdowncardholder

  • Reply Patty O December 24, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    Your house looks beautiful for Christmas! So excited for Brooks First Christmas – take lots of photos in NJ and Virginia!

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