Assateaque Island National Park

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that Brooks & I headed south for the week & met my parents in Delaware for a little pre-Memorial Day weekend fun. We’ve been having a blast soaking up some sun & scoring some beach time but I wanted to share with you a fun excursion we had at Assateaque Island the other day, because if you are ever in the area, you should totally visit this park! AI

My parents have a house in Bethany, Delaware – and on days we don’t head to the beach or the pool we like to explore the surrounding area. They have a membership to Assateaque Island and I had never been before so we figured it would be a fun day trip for us all, including Brooks!


If you aren’t familiar with Assateaque, the island is most popularly known for it’s herd of feral horses that roam the island freely. I was so excited to see these horses uncles and personal – and that’s just what I got the minute we set foot inside the park.


Brooks decided it was the perfect time to take a nap while we drove around the island checking out the sights. He slept through the majority of the horse sightings but that’s ok with me, he’s a little young for it at this age – while he napped we explored the island via car.


I took the occasional selfie with a horse or two. These guys were right next to our cars – it was pretty cool and they were’t phased by our being there at all. In fact, they pretty much ignored our existence.


Assateague is a barrier island which has a beach on one side and access to numerous marshes, bays and coves throughout. While little man was sleeping in the car {which my dad stayed in with him} my mom & I headed up to check out the beach. Last time they were here my parents saw horses on the beach, which is pretty cool, but this time I think they were hanging out in the shade.


Bump shot by the beach!


It started out as a cloudy, chilly day but by the afternoon it was beautiful! We wish we had shorts on!

mombeachblue skies

When Brooks woke up from his nap we took him to the bay area to take a little dip. I didn’t bring a swimsuit so his diaper was all he got! The water felt amazing and he loved splashing around.


After getting our feet wet we took Brooks to one of the trails to walk along the waterways to search for more horses. We didn’t see any horses but we did find some turtles, crabs and lots of birds.


There are so many trails, hiking & biking options – not to mention all the beach & camping activities available too. We were only there for a few hours but you could easily spend a whole day {and night!} enjoying the island.

horse trailtreebrown

On our way out we stopped at the Visitor Center to get a little more information on the history of the island. It was a really nice little spot too. 
visitor center

Brooks enjoyed hanging out with a horseshoe crab…


I enjoyed the rocking chair heaven…

rocking chair heaven

And we all had fun using my selfie stick !

It was a great day & I can’t wait to go back again soon!


What’s the coolest National Park you’ve visited? Please share!


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