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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gold Toe.


Fun Fact about me – I’m obsessed with socks.

Good socks.

Seriously, the socks HAVE to be good.

Gold Toe1

I love putting soft, comfortable, quality socks on my feet. Charles + I always say that if we won the lottery we would buy unlimited fresh, new socks every single day because we seriously love a good pair on our feet!

Is it weird that that’s one thing that we would do if we won the lottery? That + travel the globe.

In our fresh socks, duh.


I was pretty pumped when I had the opportunity to try out Gold Toe’s newUltra Soft, Oh. So. Soft sock line.

Because these socks are seriously So. Soft. 

It’s pretty fitting that that’s the name of the line, because it’s true!

These socks are just as soft as Brooks’ favorite baby blanket and so comfortable to wear with any shoes! They are thin but substantial and they are oh so silky smooth. I also love that they won’t break the bank, if you want to buy a million pairs {like I do} but they make your feet feel like a million bucks!

They are so super soft, and even in this summer heat when it’s technically sandal weather, I find myself reaching for these socks just to wear them! And as an added bonus – even after a few washes, they are still just as soft and cozy as the first wear! So you KNOW they are some good socks. Win!


Also, since we are now a shoe-free home, I love walking around the hardwood and the carpet with comfortable socks. It just feels good to me.

PLUS they keep my toes warm and cozy when we have the AC pumping on these hot summer days! I’m a pregnant woman who’s hot all the time, wants to keep the house cool, but her toes warm. What can I say? I sort of want it all.


gold toe


Are you a sock lover like me? 

What are your favorite socks?

Please share! 


For more information on Gold Toe check them out on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gold Toe

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