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I have been a lover of chocolate since the beginning of time. Ok, not really that long – but chocolate is my jam. I blame my mom for this obsession, because she really loves it too. All chocolate, everything.

I usually love to enjoy a glass of red wine with a little side {perfectly portioned, duh} of chocolate – to highlight the flavor? #imfancy – not really, but I do love to pair a good wine with some yummy chocolate because it pretty much makes the perfect sweet treat! Seriously, who doesn’t love this?

Sadly, I’ve been off the vino for about 9 months {give or take a birthday sip} BUT chocolate has always been there for me – thank goodness!essentials

Only the essentials in my purse: sweet treat / sunglasses / lip gloss / sanitizer / wallet / phone

I usually love a chocolate treat at the end of the day, but during this pregnancy you never know when a sweet tooth craving will strike, so I’ve been keeping a little stash in my bag for emergencies! Ha!

I was excited to try out the new M&M’S® Crispy because they are so light and crunchy – the perfect little treat for when Brooks is taking a nap and I want to put my feet up, have a snack and catch up on some reality TV DVR. Priorities, right? One package is under 200 calories {180 to be exact!}, which is awesome for a treat – because they definitely don’t sacrifice on chocolatey goodness!

And if you aren’t into the whole chocolate thing while it’s hot out, then be like me and freeze all the chocolate. I do this no matter what season, but it’s even better during the summer because the cold crunch is an added bonus!

over ice

The new M&M’S® Crispy are made of rich milk chocolate, have a sweet rice puff center that’s crispy and crunchy and coated in the world-famous candy shell. And did you know they returned to shelves nationwide this past January for the first time since 2005 – back by popular demand! Love these little guys – can’t wait to stock up on some more!


What’s your favorite go-to summer snack?

Please share!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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