Baby Wearing Halloween Ideas

So I am currently on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costumes for my boys.

Seriously, how weird is it that I say “my boys” now?! Ha! 

It’s a big deal for us this year because it’s Graham’s first Halloween and it’s Brooks’ first Halloween that he can walk! Woohoo! Brooks still doesn’t really know what Halloween actually is, and he won’t be eating any of the candy he may get {because that’s all for me! Ha!} {{and because he’s only 20 months old!}} but I know he’s going to have a blast walking around and seeing everyone out and about and dressed up.


I want to do something coordinating for Brooks and Graham but I’m not sure what. I love this little astronaut + rocket ship idea but I want something a little less DIY {since while I am crafty, I don’t have time for one this year}- but something along those lines. And yes, I will likely be wearing Graham because it’s just easier without a stroller and it will likely be warmer if he’s on me. He’s only 4 weeks now and won’t even be 2 months old on Halloween so he will likely also be really nuzzled into me.

 So I’m trying to find a costume idea that will be cute for Brooks but something Graham can be a part of while being worn too. I did a little Pinterest search and decided to share my favorite Baby Wearing Halloween ideas with you – because some are seriously awesome and creative! 

I’m totally inspired by all these amazing baby wearing costumes – some of them are just so darn creative, I’ve never seen anything like them!



Do you have any awesome baby carrier halloween ideas?

Or any amazing brother costume suggestions?

Please share!




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Side Note: I’ve Pinned my favorite baby wearing halloween ideas, but you can find the credit and links for most of my picks via this post!

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  • Reply Patty O October 9, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    Totally awesome and creative ideas, especially love the pot of gold and the jaws one! Wasn’t Brooks a shark last year? Good luck in your search, I’m sure we’ll be out and about next week searching – right?

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