A Day in the Life with Two Under Two

day in the life

I love reading these types of posts so I figured it would be fun to share my own little crazy life at the moment with two under two. I documented yesterday because it was a day when I was solo – my mom comes over every Tuesday + Thursday to help me out and my MIL comes over as well. It’s nice to have help even for a few hours – those are the days I grocery shop, run an errand or two and do the important things – like shower. But yesterday was one of my solo days – here’s how it went down:


4:00am{ish} – Graham starts to stir on the other side the room, he never really screams at night {knock on wood} but it’s usually because I am quick to get him because I don’t want him to wake up Brooks. I’m never really sure if he’s just waking up from a sleep cycle or hungry but I usually just nurse him because it puts him back to sleep. He normally gets up/stirs around 1/2am and then again around 4am – not too bad, but still tiring day after day.

4:30am – Grahm is back asleep but now I can’t sleep.

From 4:30 – 6:00am I toss and turn. Every other day or so I have this issue where I can’t get back to sleep. My mind starts going and I start thinking of all the crazy things I have to do and then I’m up. I stay in bed until 6:00am because I think that’s a respectable time to get up. I head downstairs for some coffee.

From 6:00 – 7:00am I have a lovely hour alone. I enjoy 2 cups of coffee {decaf} order a few last minute Christmas items and get caught up on a DVR show {Vanderpump Rules if you must know, sorry i’m not sorry}

7:00am – Let Jackson out back for a pee + feed him. I then head upstairs to change, brush my teeth, wash my face and get ready for the day. Everyone else, except Jackson now is still sleeping.


7:25am – Brooks started to stir a little bit ago and now he’s up so I go get him out of bed. I change him, bring him down stairs – and this holiday season we’ve started a little routine of looking for our Elf – wherever he may be, and then turning the lights on the Christmas Tree, only when Brooks says “Merry Christmas” It’s cute and I love it.



7:45am – Time for breakfast. I make Brooks oatmeal but he decides “I don’t want it” and tells me he wants yogurt. I get him yogurt because we were going to share the oatmeal always, but then he doesn’t want yogurt. He then has a 10 minute mini tantrum in his high chair about wanting / not wanting breakfast. I let him work it out while I unload the dishwasher and put out the recycling. He eventually works it out himself and happily eats both the oatmeal + yogurt. #toddlerproblems


8:05 am – Charles bring Graham downstairs and G hangs out on the bouncer while we all start our morning. Charles takes Jackson for his morning walk and Brooks plays with his doctors kit. I clean up breakfast and organize things for the day.


8:15am – Hugs + kisses and dads out the door. It’s mama vs. babies time. I change Graham and get him ready for the day.


And then I change myself for the second time today, because baby vomit.



8:45am – Time to nurse Graham so I let Brooks watch part of an episode of Daniel Tiger because 1) He loves it and 2) It keeps him sitting in one spot for a bit. We then head upstairs to play in Brooks’ room with all the toys. It’s a rotation of all his favorite things.

Puzzles – we are working on our letters


Playing with his brother on the bean bag

bro love

Tummy time for Graham.


We also have a new obsession with our giant roller ramps – love these things!


10:00am – I get a call from the contractor I have coming to clean up a spot on our couch. He will be here him 30 minutes so I decide to get Graham down for a nap.

g nap

10:15am – Graham is down in his crib for this nap <woohoo!> That’s a new thing for us, I’m starting to try to get him on a routine, so I’m not sure how long he will stay in there, but at least he’s starting off in there! Brooks and I head downstairs to wait for the couch dude and to try to avoid waking up the baby. I then bring in the recycling bins, get a package from the UPS guy & make a snack for Brooks.

10:30am – The couch dude arrives so I fasten Brooks in his highchair to keep him out of the way and give him some more snacks which I hope will keep him entertained for the next 20 minutes.

10:35am – Graham wakes up 5 minutes after the service guy gets here, obviously. He took a 20 minute nap which isn’t awesome, but again, we are starting the crib transition so I’ll take what I can get. I leave him up there to see if he will put himself down for another 5-10 minutes, but no such luck. Better luck next time. I go grab him. color

10:50am – Couch dude leaves. There’s not enough time before lunch/naps to actually go anywhere so I try to come up with some entertainment to keep Brooks busy – coloring is always a good go-to!

group walk

11:00am – Coloring didn’t last long. Diaper changes all around and since G didn’t nap before he’s not in a great mood so I throw him in my carrier and we head outside for a walk. We stop at our neighbors house to see if she + her 2.5 week old want to join us – they do! Hooray, another adult to converse with! We go for a walk, hit up the playground for a bit, come back + take Jackson out on a little walk – loving this fresh air + mild temperatures! Graham slept on me the entire time.


jumpoh hey

12:15pm – Back from our walk, time for lunch! It’s a quick one because B is exhausted. We munch on some split pea soup and peanut butter crackers.

12:30pm – Naptime for Brooks. I change him, read him a story and put him down in his crib. Come downstairs + clean up lunch then prep dinner – we are having fajitas tonight so I need to marinate the chicken.


1:15pm – Graham randomly feel asleep on the play mat while Brooks was naming. I had about 10 glorious minutes of both of them napping at the same time before I woke up Graham taking a picture of him sleeping. Damnit. Oh well, time to nurse him anyways.

oh hey1

1:25pm – Graham + Mom solo time. He hangs out with me in his bouncer and on his mat while I get a few things done on the computer. Time to answer emails, schedule a few things and I started this post < woo! >


2:07pm – Brooks has been chilling for his crib for a little solo but now he wants out! I grab him, change him and then we all get ready to head out for the day.

nap again

2:30pm – Put Brooks in the stroller + wear Graham and head out to meet two of my mom friends – Gabby + Jess – we head out for a walk & stop at Starbucks for a drink.


3:00pm – The boys and I continue on downtown and head to Franklin Institute to hang out. Brooks love the planes + trains there and the whole place is empty at this time, so he can run around and explore. When we get there I put Graham in the stroller so I can chase after Brooks a bit easier. We hang out for about an hour and then head back out.


4:00pm – Hit up Whole Foods on the way home because I need to pick  up tortillas for dinner. Get home + take Jackson out for a walk since everyone is already all packed up in the stroller. Meet up with a neighbor, Patti and join her on a walk to pick up her son, Dominic.

whole foods

walk again

4:30pm – Back from walk – unload everyone, feed Jackson, snack for Brooks, go through mail.

5:00pm – Nurse Graham while our neighbors, Joe + Mary takes Brooks over to their house to show him their Christmas decorations.


5:15pm – Neighbors Patti + Meg come over with their littles, Dominic + Chloe for a beer and the littles all have dinner together and then play. Patti brought over food for all the kids so I didn’t have to worry about dinner for Brooks – win! Kids eat + play and destroy the house but I could care less because I have a beer in my hand and adult conversation. Love it!


6:15pm – Dad’s home! Woohoo! Kids still playing.


6:30pm – Nurse Graham while everyone is still playing together. But everyone leaves shortly thereafter because, bedtime.

And – cue, witching hour{s}


More baby vomit, another outfit change for me. Have I told you lately how much laundry we go through each day?

more vom

6:45pm – Charles gets Brooks ready for bed while I prep dinner + change Graham & get him ready for bed.


7:20pm – Nurse Graham and put him down in his crib, fingers crossed he stays there a while.

7:30pm – Fajitas with Charles while both boys are sleeping! Woo!

dinner in peace

8:00pm – Graham is up! We let him cry it out for about 10-15 but I really am anxious about him waking his brother so Charles goes in and tries to calm him while I write this post. No go on the calming and Charles bring him down to hang out for a bit & Graham immediately falls asleep on him.


8:35pm – I finish this post and head upstairs for the night. A glass of wine in tow + plans to unwind with an episode of Friday Night Lights + lights out by 9:15pm! Usually {knock on wood} I don’t hear from Graham until the 1-2am hour, so crossing my fingers for some sleep! Night Night!

winenight B


What’s a day in YOUR LIFE look like?

Please share!


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  • Reply Amber December 17, 2015 at 9:49 am

    I enjoyed reading this. I have two under two as well. This sounds a lot like us and my 6 month olds sleep schedule is similar. Nice to know I’m not alone!

  • Reply Meg December 17, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    Hey Leslie! Love day in the life posts so thanks for sharing! I’m about to have my first baby and plan to breastfeed. However, I cannot wait to enjoy the occasional beer or glass of wine but I’m not exactly sure what the rules are for alcohol & breast milk. What guidelines do you normally follow?

    • Reply Leslie December 17, 2015 at 4:10 pm

      So exciting Meg! Congrats! With Brooks I would have a glass of wine or beer after nursing since I had 2-3+ hours in between and it was fine. With Graham I am a little more relaxed about it – my philosophy as long as I’m not drunk it’s not going to affect him! Good luck! 🙂

  • Reply Lydia December 17, 2015 at 7:15 pm


    Hello from Wellington, New Zealand. I love your blog and your family is gorgeous!! I am 35 weeks pregnant with my first – a darling daughter! I admit, this post kind of gave me chills.. lol

    • Reply Leslie December 18, 2015 at 7:29 pm

      Hi Lydia, Thanks so much for the comment – so awesome to hear you read my blog from the other side of the world! I lived in Australia for 9 months in college – such a great experience! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  • Reply Patty O December 19, 2015 at 7:02 am

    This all sounds very familiar because as your mom and spending two full days with you each week, from 7:30 until 4:30, this is our day! Just remember, the kiddos are only little for a very short time and that will be gone, so yeah, laugh about your day, hang out with friends and know that you are doing a terrific job with two boys, under 2! I absolutely loved reading this and LOL at the end!

  • Leave a Reply to Leslie Cancel Reply

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