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So being a mom of two little boys {two and under}, especially living in the city – I feel like we can never be too safe. Especially when it comes to all the little things with the little ones.  I can’t tell you how many night I’ve spent up worrying about Brooks getting into something he shouldn’t, or opening the front door and heading out into the street or locking himself in a room with his brother – which just came to reality this past week! It was the scariest 8 minutes of my life!

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We’ve found out the past 2 years that kids get into everything, seriously. Even if it’s something you think is safe, Brooks has a way of making it a death defying obstacle. If you think he can’t climb it, he can – if you think he can’t open it, he can – if you think he can’t get into it, he can. Every time I turn my head for a second, Brooks is into something new. I try my best to keep a balance of letting him explore and make some of his own choices, to making sure he’s aware of his surroundings and what’s safe and what’s not. It’s a whole different ballgame with baby brother involved.

Children have a way of getting into everything, even household items that can be dangerous. In fact, 9 out of 10 poisonings occur in the home. The risks associated with poisoning around the home are vast especially with new household items that can be harmful to the health of your child in additional to traditional cleaners and medicines. Some of these more modern poisoning risks include: hand sanitizers, laundry packets, e-cigarettes and button batteries. And while many parents do or intend to keep at least most of their known poisons up and away it’s easy to get distracted when multitasking or put things within a child’s reach while cleaning/reorganizing. Poisoning can happen quickly but the good news is that there are easy steps you can take to keep your children safe.cabinet

Here are some tips to keep your home extra safe with the littles around:

  • Use Safety: Although you may be familiar with many of the items that are poisonous, there are many more that also need to be kept out of your child’s sight and reach. It’s best to avoid even using chemicals in front of kids, especially if they are five years old and younger.
  • Safe Storage and Disposal: Keep any household cleaners or medicines in the original containers, out of sight and reach, and in a locked cabinet. Immediately dispose of old or unused chemicals and medicines.
  • Be Prepared: If you suspect or know that a child has ingested or come into contact with any poison, call the poison Help Number. Take a moment to save the Poison Control number to you phone: (1-800-222-1222)


Thing’s I’ve done to Make Safe Happen include – get cabinet locks {to keep the cleaning supplies, etc. out of reach}. I also have a list of household poisons – This includes:

  • Cosmetics and personal care items (like nail polish remover, jewelry cleaner, mouthwash)
  • Medicine and vitamins
  • Laundry detergents and cleaning solutions (like bleach, carpet cleaner, furniture polish)
  • Alcohol
  • Plants
  • Car fluids
  • Bug and weed killers, fertilizers and plant food
  • Lighter fluid, kerosene, and torch fuel
  • Batteries

And it’s also important to have the information close by – If you suspect your child ingested something poisonous, call the Poison Help line, 1-800-222-1222. Do not make them vomit; do not use ipecac or charcoal until you speak with someone at the Poison Help line or a medical professional.

This year, in collaboration with nonprofit partners like Safe Kids Worldwide, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the American Red Cross, Make Safe Happen will focus on educating caregivers on four critical at-home safety risks. They are: furniture and TV tip-overs, poisoning, drowning and fire. These serious, complex and potentially fatal issues require greater attention and understanding, which is why Nationwide is working to empower and inspire one million safety actions by the end of the year.

Be sure to check out the Nationwide’s Make Safe Happen – Poison Prevention page for more information!

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