The Last Hour of Everyday – Sharing Our Nighttime Routine

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I’ve shared a few day in the life posts {check out my latest here + here – I need to do another one soon!} but I’ve had lots of questions about sleep lately and our routine, so I thought it would be fun to focus on the last hour of our day, pretty much every day. It’s the same thing every day and I’m pretty much convinced this routine + schedule helps the boys sleep 12+ hours every night!

The last hour of the day can be crazy or chill – pretty much depends on how the days naps went and if anyone woke up early. The boys go to bed at 7:00pm – Charles usually gets home from work by 6:15pm. I usually try to have the boys fed + cleaned up by the time dad gets home. More often than not, this means they are in just their diapers, because dinner is messy!


When Charles gets home there is a little time for play. The boys like to all run around like crazy together and get riled up. I don’t know how anyone sleeps well after that, but it seems like it’s the last bit of energy getting out before the day is over. We have a few minutes of bubbles outside or playing ball in Brooks’ room.


Before we start the real bedtime routine, we’ve been working on going “pee pee in the potty” – and Brooks has been doing good a few days in a row. Every he goes on the potty, he get’s a M&M as a treat! Some days he’s more into it than others and I’m not trying to push it yet – he’s not 2.5 yet, so we are just trying to get him used to going, with the hopes that one day it will just click – ha! I’ll let you know how that goes in another post.


If it was a particularly messy day, we do bath around 6:30pm – usually we’ve been doing bath every 2-3 days or so, but as it gets hot out I’m sure we will be doing them more. The boys love tub time – except for every so often when Brooks says he’s afraid of going down the drain, not sure where he got that. But usually he’s happy watching Graham splash around and using the bath markers in the tub to draw.

Bath time usually lasts 10-15 minutes, so the last 15 minutes or so before bedtime is when Charles and I tag team getting the boys ready for bed.

The two main products we’ve been using for YEARS with Brooks and now with Graham that are a serious staple in our nighttime routine are the Huggies OverNites and Natural Care Wipes. I had no idea about over night diapers when I was a new mom. Seriously, they work! Huggies OverNites are super-absorbent for up to 12 hours, which means you don’t have any leaky diaper issues to deal with in the middle of the night.


Brooks wasn’t as good of a sleeper as Graham when he was younger and I always had issues getting up in the middle of the night changing him. He has sensitive skin {which is where the Natural Care Wipes come in – they are made of 99 percent water} but I remember talking to my friend Jess {hi Jess!} Brooks waking up wet – she was like “don’t you have him in OverNites?!” I was all “what’s that?!” and then I went out and bought these bad boys and it’s been a game changer.


Seriously, game changer.

And the wipes are amazing too. Since we’ve switched to the gentler wipes, we’ve had NO diaper rash issues. Gotta love that too! I get the wipes + OverNites at Target, because I get everything at Target. Ha.

natural care

After the diapers are on, we brush Brooks’ teeth, give both of them their vitamins and get in their jammies – usually we have a little more time to play – usually another 5 minutes or so really gets the ya-ya’s out!

Then it’s time for Brooks to pick out a book or two to read. This really gets Brooks calmed down before going to sleep and it’s when he has some water and chills cuddled up with dad.


But G has been making an appearance for story time lately. He loves books {loves to eat them!} and he hangs out for part of the story. Then I nurse Graham down and Charles puts down Brooks. This is how it is pretty much every night – it works for us!

Sometime Brooks hangs out in his crib, turns on his mobile and listens to music or watches the stars go by. But they usually both are asleep within a few minutes and more importantly, we don’t hear from them again until the morning.


**knock on wood**

It’s probably been over a year since we’ve had Brooks get up at night or after we put him down. Bedtime is 7pm consistently – and we do the same song and dance every night, which I think helps him know when its time to get into bed for the night. I never hear from him until 6:30a-7:30a the next morning.

I’m not sure if our schedule and consistency has molded him into a great sleeper, or if he’s just naturally that way – but I’ll take it {and I’ll take a little credit!} I really think the early bedtime is key for the littles, they need their sleep and 6:30-7:00pm is when their bodies are really ready for it!

We’ve put Graham on the same schedule, much earlier than we did with Brooks and he’s already an amazing sleeper too – we never have any nighttime wake-ups **knock-on-wood** from him either! Last week we had a little trouble getting him down, due to some teething issues, but once he’s down, he usually good and he can sort himself out.

I’m blessed with good sleepers and I don’t take that for granted, but honestly, I’m a big fan of a good schedule. I think the kids need it and after spending the whole day running around after them, I’m thankful for a 7pm cut-off time when I can relax a bit!


Now it’s your turn to share your nighttime routine!

What do you do every night with your littles to make sure they get a full night’s sleep? Please share!

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  • Reply Carrie @huppiemama May 13, 2016 at 2:27 pm

    Thanks for sharing these nighttime tips! My kids are 4.5 and 6.5 and are seriously the world’s worst sleepers (which they likely inherited from me). They wake up all night and crawl into my bed. I love that they want to be near me to snuggle, but I wish they would get more sleep! You got lucky with two great sleepers for sure! #client

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