A Day at Storybook Land, NJ

Hello! I’m back to the land of blogging! I took a few extra days off because we’ve just been having so much fun this summer, I’m dead at the end of the day! These littles sure do wear me out – but it’s been a blast!

I wanted to pop back in today to share about the fun we had at StoryBook Land in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey yesterday! We decided to do a little day trip there – about 35 minutes or so from Avalon, NJ {close to Atlantic City} – you can’t go to the beach EVERY DAY – ok, you totally can – but I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit. storybook

I had heard good things from friends about this place and was excited to check it out myself. From checking it out online it seemed like the perfect place for Brooks – all the rides, everything was geared towards the younger crowd, which was awesome. I was so excited to see how he would react towards it all. b

We went on a Wednesday morning – let Graham take his morning nap – from 8-9:30 – packed everyone up and headed out the door. We got there right at 10am when it opened, there were no crowds in the morning, but the place started to fill up in the afternoon. It was a little on the expensive side {about $25 per person – we had to pay for Brooks, not Graham and every adult needs a ticket too} but you get what you pay for. mother goose

Everything was pristine – clean, gorgeous, the flowers were beautiful, the rides were clean, seriously, I can’t use the word clean enough. Everything was spotless – I never saw a piece of trash on the ground. This place has been open for 61+ years and sure, you can see a bit of the age – but more importantly you would see the charm of it all and the pride from the fabulous staff who were keeping the place so beautiful.


Ok – so about Storybook Land – For over 60 years, since its establishment in 1955, it has been keeping the spirit of childhood alive in an entertaining and educational atmosphere. The timelessness of childhood will ring true as your family literally walks through its all-time favorite stories and nursery rhymes at Storybook Land. Children’s classics are interspersed with exciting new family rides and attractions in a remarkably clean and enjoyable park setting.

You walk into the park and around every corner there is a different theme, exploring a classic children’s storybook – Mother Goose, the Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, Billy Goat’s Gruff, Little Miss Muffet, Old Mother Hubbard, Humpty Dumpty, Jack + Jill…the list goes on and on! Each little area has a different storybook focus with an interactive area for the kids to enjoy the story. I wish I took more pictures of this part of the park!


I also enjoyed the fact that mixed in with all the storybook themes, rides and attractions – there were various zoo like enclosures for children to see different animals that went along with the story – like the Lamb from Mary had a Little Lamb – the kids could feed her! It was so sweet.


The rides were obviously a big hit with Brooks – and he was big enough to ride everything {with an adult} – you must be 36″ to ride most of the rides.

36 inches

My personal favorite was the swings – Brooks loved them too! Check out my Instagram for a fun video of our swing experience!

arms up

Riding a second time with mommy – Hold on to your hat!


You could also see that over the years new rides have been added one by one. One of our favorites was Work Zone – which took you on a ride through a construction site. So super cute, and my construction loving little loved it too!

construction ridedigs

Most of the rides were pretty mellow, which was great for Brooks to get a feel for the amusement park experience. He loved riding on the train – which was a nice tour of the grounds of Storybook Land – not to mention a nice break from the heat and sun – love a little breeze on the train!
Brooks also loved anything he could drive – specifically the Old Tymers Cars. Another great break from the sun for the adults!

Riding again with Mom!


Another great thing about the cost of the park is that it includes unlimited rides – so the adults took turns riding with Brooks while Graham took a little nap in the stroller. And obviously Brooks loved certain rides and wanted to ride them more than once, so it worked out perfectly! Plus we all got to share in on the ride fun with Brooks.


But don’t worry – Graham got in the action too – he was free {kids 1 and under are} but he was able to go on some fun rides as well. And he loved it just as much as Brooks did! dragon ride

Another perk – the park is pretty much surrounded by trees, which provides tons of shade throughout the day. We went on a really hot day, and it was hot, but bearable because of all the great shade.

There was also a water park area/splash pad which was a great way for the kids to cool off. I can’t locate the pictures I took there, it was small, but cute and does the trick when the littles need to run around through splashing water as a bit of a break!


I also have to take a moment and shout out my brave little Brooks. He pretty much did all the rides – even the ones that would make me sick – like this Beanstalk Bounce – which goes up and down bouncing {#barf – anyone else get motion sickness from those rides?} Charles was in charge of going on the round and round  things – including the teacups! And Brooks loved it so much, laughed the entire time and had a blast.


We were at the park for 3 hours – from 10am – 1pm – I  wasn’t sure if we would hit a crowd, since it was over July 4th holiday week – but it was great. We didn’t have to wait in line for anything. The park isn’t very big, but perfect for the littles to make it around a few times exploring everything and enjoying the rides and attractions.
were late

Brooks and Graham – and all of us, had an absolute blast at Storybook Land – I’m so glad we came to check it out and I can’t wait to come back again next year when Graham will be running around too!

See you next year Storybook Land!



Have you been to an amusement park with your littles? At what age did they love it?

Please share!



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  • Reply Jen July 7, 2016 at 2:55 pm

    We took our little to Story Land this week. It looks very similar! He just turned two and he loved all the rides as well!

  • Reply Patty O July 7, 2016 at 7:27 pm

    Leslie, when you were about 3, mom and dad took you to Enchanted Forest in Ellicott City, Md. which is very similar to Storybook Land and I remember going there as a child as well. Enchanted Forest is about the same age as Storybook land. I’d love to go with next year please!

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