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As you know by my 6+ weeks at the beach already this summer, I’m a fan of being outside and enjoying the warm, sunny days with the littles! And of course being outside in the hot summer sun includes lots of time in the water – the beach, the pool, splash pads – it’s all so much fun!


But I have to say that as a mom of two littles, the water is a seriously scary thing to me these days. Any sort of water or water related activity has me on high alert. The kids love splashing and wading in the pool and beach but you can’t be too careful when there is water involved. I’ve seen scary things happen and it only takes a second of taking your eyes off your kids for something to happen.


I know personally, I can’t go to the pool without someone to help me, because Brooks and Graham each need someone on them at all times. Brooks has taken a few swim lessons, but he’s not close to being able to swim on his own yet – next year I hope it will be a different story. And with Graham being a bit wobbly and wanting to explore, he needs someone on him at all times too!


Even at our favorite water spots in the city or the beach, I can barely have a conversation with another parent because it’s just constant eyes on Brooks playing in the water. It just takes a second to slip or get surprised by a wave and no one wants to have to deal with that scary moment.


I want to have my kids enjoy the water – have fun, play, be kids – but I also want them to have a bit of respect for it, maybe even with a touch of fear {especially at the beach}. Water safety and teaching your kids the importance of it from the beginning is key for everyone enjoying a happy summer together!


I’ve shared some information on Make Safe Happen + Safe Kids Day before on the blog but today, with summer in full swing, it’s all about water safety! Not to be morbid, but given that almost 800 children drown each year, more than half of them being younger than the age of five, Water safety is a core focus of Make Safe Happen. This is the perfect time to raise awareness of this, as two-thirds of fatal drownings occur each year between May and August.


Make Safe Happen recommends three precautions to ensure children’s safety in and around water this summer:

  • Active Supervision Eliminate distractions like checking social networks or email and stay within arm’s reach of young swimmers at all times.
  • Reduce Risks Install fences in swim areas, empty kiddie pools and tubs immediately after use, and provide swim lessons to children as young as one.
  • Be Prepared Learn CPR and First Aid, know the signs of drowning and keep a phone close in case you need to call 911.

Water safety is a core, important focus of Make Safe Happen. To help elevate awareness around the risk of drowning and drive action to keep children safe during summertime play, Nationwide is working closely with Safe Kids Worldwide on integrated efforts to help inform parents and caregivers. The Make Safe Happen website has updated articles and tips and tools to download, while Safe Kids is hosting a variety of local community events through its coalitions. Further, Nationwide is partnered with Safe Kids to publish updated water safety research.


This infographic illustrates the scope of the drowning problem in the U.S., common misconceptions families have, and smart tips to protect kids.



Do you have any Water Safety Tips?

Please share!


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  • Reply Patty O July 15, 2016 at 7:05 am

    You are absolutely right – kids need to respect water at all times, inside the house and out. It’s a fine balance to have them enjoy the water, but also be respectful of its danger.

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