My Last Week Nursing Baby #2

The end is near. And I’m not sure how I feel about it.

<to get caught up on my nursing journey, check out this post>light

As of now, we leave on Thursday afternoon for our trip to San Francisco and then that’s it! Since I last posted, I have weaned Graham down to one nursing session a day. We first cut out nursing during the afternoon nap. Then after that the morning nap. Almost 2 weeks ago, we cut out the nursing session before bedtime – now Charles puts Graham down and I put Brooks to bed.

So that just leaves the morning.


And Graham loves to start his day with a nursing + cuddle session.

Cutting out the nap time sessions went ok. I think we had a day of protesting, but we created a new routine of book, twinkle twinkle little star song and then into the crib. I wasn’t sure how the transition from Charles putting Graham down for bed {without a bottle} was going to go, but Graham didn’t skip a beat.milk

I still have a TON of frozen breastmilk which we have been working through every day – don’t mind the pizza box – which we started two weeks ago. I usually defrost a bag for him and give it to him around dinnertime in a cup and he drinks it until bedtime. I add some regular cow’s milk to it as it gets low.

It’s been working great, I’m just a little anxious and a little emotional {and a tad excited} about our nursing to officially come to an end.toes

I’m ready to have my body back but I’m also a little sad to for it to be over, because it is our special time together. Not to mention it just means my little one isn’t so little anymore.

Hold me.color

I’m sure I’ll be a little crazy and emotional in San Fran on our trip since my hormones will be going a little nuts from this change in my body. But this timing makes sense and I think we are both ready for it!

I’ll keep you posted! Wish me luck!us


Do you have any stopping nursing/weaning stories or words of wisdom to share?

Would love to hear it!


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  • Reply Patty O November 8, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    Wish Gaga luck when you leave – I’m feeling a little anxious too! I hope we get through the morning routine Friday without nursing – Yikes!

  • Reply Jess November 9, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    This post made me cry (maybe I am a tad devastated about the results of this election and fearful for both mine and the littles’ future). I feel for you! I am glad you have a fun trip planned that will hopefully take your mind off of it. Nursing is such a funny thing; it is SOOOOO annoying sometimes but SOOOO amazing the other times! There have been many moments where I have thought “Damn I wish I wasn’t doing this” but in the end, I am so blessed to be able to nurse! Great job, Leslie! Cant wait to hear about your trip!

  • Reply jewey November 11, 2016 at 6:57 am

    i’ve been exclusively breastfeeding my baby for 6 months now and i do enjoy those moments with her — just looking at her, observing how big she’s grown compared to when she was just a newborn, and watching her feet do a happy dance while nursing before she drifts off to sleep when she’s not in the mood to wanna play again.

    all these i will miss by the time i wean her. i know i will. because even just thinking about it now makes me wanna bawl.

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