December Trunk Club Review

I can’t believe Christmas is less than a week away! When did that happen?! Seriously! It feels like that came out of nowhere! Sure, I’m 98% ready for everything – still have a little wrapping to finish up and some grocery shopping to do this week. I’ve actually been done shopping since Thanksgiving weekend, BUT Amazon Prime needs to be taken away from me, because I keep buying – SO MANY amazing deals going on right now! Seriously, someone needs to change my password.

But I digress…In other news, I got a new Trunk Club box over the weekend that I am excited to share with you!

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And if you are interested in signing up for  Trunk Club yourself – please use my referral link and let me know what you think! Trunk Club is a part of Nordstrom, so you get amazing customer service and great quality brands you know and love. It’s $25 to get a trunk full of goodies and you can use that $25 towards anything you want to keep – so it’s pretty much free in my eyes! When you sign up for a trunk you get a stylist and you tell her what you are looking for – you are then sent a preview of what is going to be sent your way, which you can accept, remove things from and/or comment on what you like and don’t like so your trunk gets personalized towards you, before being sent your way! I love the little sneak peek, but seriously, who doesn’t love a giant box of clothing arriving at your front door?!

I was sent 10 beautiful pieces of clothing to try on for this month – I had a hard time sending this box back, I sort of loved it all! Here’s what I got – check it out and let me know what you think!


First up is the Vince Camuto Cold Shoulder Sweater – I saw this and instantly fell in love. Hard. It is a little more than I would like to spend on a sweater, but Vince Camuto is pretty much my spirit animal. I’m obsessed with every pair of shoes he makes, so it only makes sense I fall as hard in love with his clothes. This sweater. I love.

Comes in a few other colors and I’m definitely stalking them for a sale – I want them all. Do you love it as much as I do? It’s pretty much sweater perfection if you ask me.


Next up is the Transcend Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans by Paige – and if Vince Camuto is my spirit animal for shoes, and now I guess sweaters, then Paige is my love for jeans. And wouldn’t you know it – I’m in the market for a new pair.

These are pretty much butter on my body, and I was able to score them on a pretty good sale. Obsessed.

If you need a new pair of jeans, these are the way to go!


And then there is this Fleet Jacket by Madewell. You know how I feel about my olive green military vest – and this is pretty much the same with sleeves. I feel like this might need to make it’s way into my closet. Green is quickly becoming a favorite neutral of mine!


This Classic Fit Plaid Shirt by Treasure & Bond was a instant favorite. I love the colors, the plaid pattern and the rolled up chambray sleeves. I have a  similar top, almost the exact same colors, so sadly I had to send this one back, but I’m loving the brand and the fit – so might be looking for another one in a different color! It’s a solid top!


Next up is this Crewneck Lightweight Cashmere Sweater by Halogen. It’s cute and cozy, has a nice slit on the side which I enjoyed, but I have similar items. Didn’t wow me and wasn’t something I needed at the moment. Comes in a bunch of other colors if you are in need of a top like this – super comfortable!


This 3/4 Sleeve Embroidered Shift Dress by Caslon was really fun and different. I loved the print and the fit – looked so cute with my OTN boots from my previous trunk that I kept. I think it was the season that was throwing me off – it’s so cold and I don’t see myself being able to wear it anytime soon, hard for me to keep it!

That being said, it would be an awesome dress for the spring or fall – and it comes in other colors too – I have my eye on the blue. Might be going back for this!

Do you like it?


Third in the line-up is this Textured Merino Wool Blend Boxy Sweater by Vince. This sweater is so far out of my price range, I could but 4 of the cold shoulder sweaters and barely be in the same ballpark as this bad boy. Luckily, its’ not my style – was a little boxy for my liking, so I didn’t have to worry about wanting to keep it! Cute and cozy, but I can do better for way less! 


I can’t decide how I feel about these Skinny Cargo Pants by BLANKNYC. I sort of love the green, but am unsure about the silver detail. On the fence about these – want to love the, but not sure if I do! What do you think?


I’m also on the fence about this Valencia Off the Shoulder Pullover by Free People. I sort of love it, its a casual, easy piece to wear, but not sure how much I love it. Maybe it would be more fun in another color? Or is black an easy choice – what do you think?


This Easy Rider Faux Leather Moto Jacket by BLANKNYC isn’t a favorite of mine. Not sure if it’s the fit or the silver detail, but it’s just not my style. A little too short too! Pass for me.


Overall I loved this trunk. 8 out of the 10 pieces were really great picks for me – I had a hard time choosing, but of course I can’t keep it all, as much as I wish I could!

What do you think of my latest Trunk ? 

What’s your favorite piece? What do you think I should keep? Please share!

And don’t forget, if you want to try out Trunk Club for yourself, be sure to use my referral link!


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  • Reply Jen December 19, 2016 at 9:02 am

    I received the jeans in a recent trunk and loved them as well. Just a heads up, the knees have completely stretched out on me (despite following all care instructions – and the brand advertising that they don’t stretch). So bummed. Wish I hadn’t spent the money. If you can still send them back, I would.

  • Reply Patty O December 21, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    Very nice truck for you, but I love the grey off the shoulder sweater on you. I do like the dress, but maybe in another color. Definitely no to the white sweater, leather jacket! Happy deciding…

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