Pay It Forward

As you know I’ve been working with Stonyfield as a part of their Clean Plate Club for a while now. I’ve had tons of opportunities over the past year working with them and various other brands on projects. It’s been a ton of fun, but this month’s assignment was the most exciting!

The task at hand – Pay it Forward. 

That’s it – just give.

It has NOTHING to do with yogurt. {Even though yogurt is awesome}

 AND it happens to coincide with the Holidays which puts everyone in the most giving mood – wouldn’t you agree?

So here’s the deal – Stonyfield hooked me up with a sweet gift card to Pay it Forward and spread some love this holiday season. I decided to include my little {almost} 3 year old in this fun little project, because as much fun as it is to spoil him and his little brother like crazy this time of year {which we totally are} it’s just as fun and exciting to teach him to focus on the giving and not just the getting.

This is Brooks’ first “real” Christmas – where  he sort of “gets” it. We’ve been reading all the Christmas books, watching all the holiday movies and talking all things Santa and Elves all month long. I’ve been talking it way up – Christmas was always a big deal in our house and I want the same for my kids. I want to give them everything they could ever want, just like I’m sure my parents did for me – but you have to hold yourself back at some point and make sure we are being thankful for what we have and giving where we can give at the same time. 

I decided to use my gift card from Stonyfield two different ways. The first way I donated to my cousin who is running the Valoha Giving Movement in Hawaii – She’s helping out tons of people who really need it and I was happy to give knowing it would make some kids Christmas come to life, who wouldn’t normally have anything to open! Check them out for an awesome cause!

I also decided to take Brooks with me to pick out some toys to donate to our local Giving Tree. I remember growing up always picking a kids name from an ornament on the tree {with his or her age} and bringing back a wrapped present to put under the tree the week before Christmas. It was always so fun to pick out something special for someone who needs a little Christmas magic.

So Brooks and I enjoyed a special mama + Brooks day out. We had lunch together and did a little shopping. He picked out a few toys that we are going to drop off together at our local church to give out this holiday season!
I think it was a great experience for Brooks and for me – definitely something fun for us to do together and something I know we will continue in the years to come. Next year, Graham will be able to join in! It was awesome for Brooks to pick  out toys for kids he doesn’t know and be able to understand that they weren’t coming home with us for him to play with or open. A little learning moment for sure – but he was great about it!

He even picked out a special toy for his little brother, which he is pumped to give him on Christmas Day! It was great to talk about things Graham likes and have Brooks pick something he thinks his little brother will enjoy { I think Brooks is hoping Graham will share his toy with him too!}
It sure was fun to spread a little extra Christmas Cheer this year and Pay it Forward with the help of Brooks and my friends at  Stonyfield.

What are some special ways you share the giving with your littles this time of year?

I’d love to hear how you make it special! 

This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield.
As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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  • Reply Patty O December 26, 2016 at 8:27 am

    What a great post that truly shares the meaning of Christmas! God Bless You
    and kudos for teaching your littles what the holidays are all about – giving to those less fortunate!

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