On Bunking Up the Littles

I’ve mentioned before on the blog and on Instagram that this past weekend, we decided to put Brooks and Graham in the same room – so today I wanted to share a little bit with you about how we made that decision and how it’s all going down.

Brooks and Graham are 19 months apart in age. Charles and I knew from the beginning that eventually we would want to put the boys in the same room. Them being so close apart, and Brooks having a large bedroom with more than enough room for a second crib, that was always our plan.

BUT finding the right time to actually make the move was a little more challenging for us. Knock on wood, both my boys are really good sleepers, and aside from the random teething issues or sickness, they are both down for the count 7 pm t0 7 pm {more on our bedtime routine here if you want to know}

So knowing that the good thing we have going of both the boys going to bed really happily at 7pm and sleeping through the night, we obviously never would want to screw that up. At first we said we would do it when I stopped nursing Graham, but that ended up being right around the holidays and we wanted to give ourselves some more time before we made the change. But I think the timing for all this is really important – you want to do it soon enough so that’s all the really know, and you don’t want to wait until someone is old enough to really have an opinion about it. Not sure if that really applies to my littles, who are both still 2 and under – but we just really wanted them to be roomies and really have them rooming together be all the really know.

We also have lots of summer plans to travel and we know that the boys will be bunking up together then. We thought it would be best to get everyone used to it now while we are all home and comfortable in our beds before traveling somewhere new and changing up their sleeping situations.

Also, I think it’s important to note that in the past few months, Brooks – who is normally the most chill little kid ever, has been having anxiety about going to bed. He would have random nights where he didn’t want us to leave, wanted us to stay with him, another book, another hug – not sure if it’s the age or what but he was getting really upset. So we thought that having Graham in the room with him might calm him down a bit, and again, since he was already having some issues going to sleep, adding the little brother into the mix now seemed like as good of time as any.

We made the move last weekend when Brooks was staying overnight at my parents house. It took a while to take Graham’s crib apart and move it into Brooks’ room – and since Graham had never slept in that room before, we wanted to give him some time solo in there to check it out. We got him to nap there Saturday, sleep Saturday night and nap again Sunday before we had Brooks back in the mix, so he was happy in his new space.

Almost one week into the new room sharing experience and it’s been going really well. The boys have been sleeping through the night together, knock on wood – no issues so far – they even both slept in until 8am the other day! What?!

Brooks is still having a little anxiety about going to bed at night, but I really do think having his brother in the room with him will be beneficial in the long run. And yes, Brooks is turning 3 on Sunday and is still in his crib. I think the likes the containment of it all – it’s very cozy in there! I’m hoping he stays in there for a while!

We did have a little bit of an issue getting the naps right – the boys both go down for a nap around 1pm each day, but sometimes Brooks just hangs out in his crib and chills, or rolls around for 45 minutes and then goes to sleep. Graham obviously still needs his nap, but the two of them have been having a little bit of silly time, playing around with each other from their cribs – it’s really cute, but on Wednesday, no one napped which was a major issue later in the day. Today I put down the futon in my office and busted out Brooks’ sleeping bag and he took a great nap in there, never moved from the couch and Graham got a solid 2.5 hours in the room solo. Might be our new go-to.

So yeah, it’s still a bit of a learning process, and I think part of the reason why everything is working out well is because my kids are good sleepers, which has nothing to do with me, but still – I wanted to share our experience, what we’ve done and how it’s been going.

Now its your turn to share ->

Do your littles share a room? How did that go?

Are your littles still in a crib? How old are they?

Let me know if you have any other questions about our new rooming situation! I’d be happy to answer them!

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  • Reply Krista January 26, 2017 at 10:44 pm

    My little girl will be three next week, and still in a crib. She slept in a bed over the holidays and did really well, so we might transition soon if she wants to. I’m all about the crib as long as possible!

  • Reply Monica January 27, 2017 at 4:02 am

    We moved my son (28 months) to a big boy bed about a month ago to make room for his baby sister on the way to get the crib. They will be sharing a room, not right at first but within a few months and I wanted to get my son used to it now. I was worried because he is such a good sleeper and I didn’t want to mess that up but he took to his bed like a champ and has not tried to escape and sleeps just as great as in the crib. I love having him in a bed because it makes it easier to go in and snuggle together with him!!!

  • Reply Patty O January 27, 2017 at 6:45 am

    I think your transition is at a good time, especially getting them used to sharing for the beach houses and trips. Just be mindful of Brooks climbing into and/or out of the cribs.

  • Reply Katie January 28, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    My boys are 18 months apart, now 4 and 2 and a half, and have been sharing since my little one turned one. We love it, they love it- it’s a win win!! I swear that it makes them both better sleepers and in the AM they just play together until we go in and get them:) we are actually moving to the suburbs next week with more then enough bedrooms but they will continue to share:)

  • Reply Ani January 29, 2017 at 6:22 am

    Snaps on having Brooks in the crib!! Our little one stopped sleeping in his crib the night of his 2nd birthday! We tried everything to keep him in but he would either climb our (hello danger) or crYingall.night.long. We broke down and bought a full size bed for him and he’s back to sleeping 10 hours a night.

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