Star Wars Light Saber DIY Birthday Cupcakes

So Brooks and Graham are both currently Star Wars obsessed.

Sure, neither of them have ever seen any of the movies, but they love it all the same.


When I asked Brooks what kind of birthday party he wanted to have for the big F O U R – he immediately said -> STAR WARS!! And then started waving around pretending he was a Jedi flailing his light saber around.

Again, Boys.

Needless to say, his Star Wars 4th Birthday party is underway, happening tomorrow, but we celebrated at school this week with all his friends and of course this mama had to make Star Wars cupcakes become a reality.

I only really consider myself a crafty person when it comes to my kids birthday party festivities, I do like to have a little fun with the occasion and attempt to do something extra special.

Here’s a look back at some of our past birthday parties and crafty favors I created for the boys:

Personalized art smocks {for Brooks’ 2nd birthday} Personalized superhero capes {for Brooks’ 3rd birthday}, DIY Rubber Band Boats {for Graham’s 2nd nautical birthday party} and even personalized massive balls for Graham’s first birthday, which were just super FUN!

Stay tuned to see what’s coming everyone’s way at the party tomorrow!

Today is all about the cupcakes! I wanted to post on the blog incase anyone has a Star Wars obsessed little who needs a some extra inspiration in the treat department!

I wanted to come up with some fun Star Wars cupcakes for Brooks 1) Because he asked for them, nicely and 2) Because why not?!

I made regular cupcakes, straight from the box {aka – the BEST kind, confetti on the inside, duh} and did a little dark side / light side with the icing on top.

PLUS I Brooks asked for all chocolate on top, but I thought adding in a little white would make the “light saber pretzel sticks” pop a bit more. Ya, know – for the ‘gram (and the blog!}

Next – the light sabers!

I love a good salty + sweet combination with the cupcakes and pretzels, plus I thought they would be yummy for the kiddos – I went with green + blue because they are both on the “Good/Light” side in the Star Wars movie – I didn’t want to scar anyone for life with a red light saber, like good ol’ Darth Vader. So I kept it positive!

I took vanilla icing and added some food coloring in separate cups, gave each little pretzel a swirl and let them dry – easy peasy!

Once they were set, I crossed them on top of the cupcakes, right across the dark/light side icing options – adding some extra sprinkles, because Birthday – and we were good to go!

Let’s just say that no cupcake was left behind!

The kids ate them right up and the teachers did too – they definitely made everyone smile and Brooks loved them.

Now I’d love to hear from you – are you into making fun treats? What’s the coolest or most fun birthday treat you’ve ever come up with?! Please share!


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  • Reply Patty February 3, 2018 at 7:33 am

    Absolutely awesome – Brooks has the best mama around!

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