A Day at SeaWorld, Orlando – All the Rides, Rollercoasters, Feeding a Sea Lion, the Dolphin Nursery, Animal Experiences and More!

During my recent visit to Florida, I was so excited to have the chance to visit SeaWorld Orlando – someplace I had never been before!  

I am a huge lover of animals – especially ones in the ocean – dolphins, turtles and having the chance to see killer whales has always been something I’ve wanted to do. Being able to see these animals and more up close + personal was a real treat for me – something I found SeaWorld does a wonderful job at!

Here’s a video I put together sharing our day. I left out the Dolphin Days + One World Killer Whale Shows as I am going to put that together in a separate video. Stay tuned for that, but check out our Day at SeaWorld video and let me know what you think! 

Side Note: Make sure you watch it in HD! 

Before I get into our day at SeaWorld Orlando in this blog post, I must let you know that I HAVE seen The Cove and Blackfish. Both movies have left a very lasting impression on me, in regards to animals in captivity.

If you haven’t seen either movie yet, be sure to add it to your movie list. Both are something everyone should watch.

I am going to discuss my opinion on the park, the movies and more in a separate post. Today is all about our visit!

My mom and I were both excited to explore SeaWorld together and see what it had in store for us. 

And Bonus, everything SeaWorld was all decked out for the holiday season. So that was nice to be able to see the decorations and enjoy some of the festive events. 

Our first animal encounter of the day – a Flamingo Parade walking right down the park! That was cool to be able to see such beautiful animals up close and personal. 

After the parade, we made our way to enjoy some rollercoasters! We got to the park right at opening and had the place to ourselves. I was able to walk right on two of the more popular coasters – Mako and Kraken Unleashed. Both were super fun and a treat for me as I don’t usually get to ride things like this when we are at parks with the kids. 

Check out the video to see the coasters in action!

After that we made our way over towards SeaWorld Rescue to see the Manatee Rehabilitation area. This five acre Rescue Center is used for rehabilitating wildlife that has been ill, injured or orphaned – including manatees, sea turtles, birds and other marine animals.

We also got to see Turtle Trek, which is a 3D movie inside a 360* theatre that showcases the vulnerable sea turtles and asks everyday heroes across the globe to help make a difference in saving animals in the wild.

It was a beautifully done film. And seeing the creatures that need a little extra help, like this turtle missing a flipper, was nice to see and learn about. 

Next it was time for another ride – this time I went on the Journey to Atlantis water ride. Check out the video to see the drop in action!

Then we made our way over to Antartica to go on the Empire of the Penguin ride. Here we were turned into a baby penguin, learning to walk + explore the Antarctic wonder. 

This ride was cool because you become the penguin in the experience and then the ride opens up to see all the live penguins at SeaWorld. 

This little guy was my favorite. 

After that we made our way over to Pacific Point Preserve to see the Sea Lions and Harbor Seals. 

Hands down one of my favorite parts of the day was getting to feed these animals, all by myself. The fish were gross, but the experience was so cool. 

Sea Lion Selfie. 

This one was my favorite because when I was feeding him and asked him to say “Please” he gave me a flipper wave! Multiple times! 

Check out the video to see it in action, but I’m basically a Sea Lion Trainer now. 


Feeding the seals & sea lions was super cool. 

But THE BEST part of my day – was the Dolphin nursery. 

Here I got to get SUPER CLOSE to these insanely beautiful + smart creatures. I took TONS of photos and videos from this part of the park. I could have stayed here for HOURS. 

Hours and Hours and HOURS. 

It was unbelievable to be able to be so close and to interact with these dolphins. They were very aware of the people watching them and interacted back with us. 

This one wanted to be in a picture with me! I think she saw her reflection in my flipped iPhone and wanted to check herself out. 

It was amazing.

And she smiled. 

I think I took about 300 pictures in the dolphin nursery. And we did stay in this one spot over an hour, just watching these amazing creatures. 

They are so incredibly special.

I feel a little more in love with dolphins on this trip. This part of our visit to the park is one of my most special memories of the day. It won’t soon be forgotten. 

Ok – back to the rest of the park! There is more to SeaWorld than dolphins – even though there doesn’t need to be because they are just THAT good. 

I was SO IMPRESSED with all the rides, shows and animal experiences. The rides were awesome because they were geared towards ‘bigger kids’ so older siblings and teenagers will love all the thrills and coasters. And Sesame Street is bringing a whole new section of SeaWorld in 2019, so that’s something the younger kids will love too. 

We did most of the rides, saw all three of the main shows – dolphins, sea lions + killer whales  {more on all those later} and enjoyed most, if not all of the animal encounters. There were so many aquariums and viewing areas for everyone to enjoy each in different neighborhoods of the park. 

The park itself is MASSIVE – as it should be when it is home to so many animals. You need to plan accordingly when walking from one side of the park to the next – especially if you are aiming to see a particular show. But the walk around the park is beautiful and SO CLEAN. 

I was seriously impressed. 

We had an absolute blast – watch my video to see all the animals up close and personal and to get an idea of what the park is really like. 

There was way to many photos and videos of everything we saw and did to share in one post. And thanks for sticking around this one to the end – I know it was a long one! 

Stay tuned later this week for round 2 of our visit! And a HUGE thank you to my friends at SeaWorld for having us! 

Now I’d love to know –

Have you ever been to SeaWorld? Which location? What did you think?! Please share!

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  • Reply Patty December 13, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    Your video was terrific – loved seeing all the animals up close and personal! Great recap to an awesome day at Sea World!

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